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Sara lives with her husband Chris, little son Oscar
and the dogs Lily and Freja in Portchester, U K , Great Britain



2022 / August

Account  seems  to  be  dead  !?


2022/April/27                            Heathrow  Airport
So, where are you going, young man ?       photo/IG
Or are you just coming back, maybe from Sweden ?

Sara's son Oscar, 20 months old


Operations  Manager  @  MRS

Sara's  new  challenge  in her husband's newly formed
company is to ensure that projects are well resourced,
on time and that the team
works efficiently.   2 pics/IG

Jan 10   MRS  About Chris, one of the founders   IG


Marine  Rigging  Services

M R S    The new company, founded by Sara's husband Chris
and Will Jackson, offers the highest level of services in Yacht
rigging and maintenance at  Victoria Quay, Gosport, UK.   IG





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