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Instructor Sara @ the pole


June 2013

Two videos
Sara & Ida


Level 4


2013/Dec/29                    Sara  Lumholdt / Instagram

B E S T   M O M E N T S    2 0 1 3    O N    I N S T A G R A M
                                            You can check them out  H E R E


2013/Dec/24                    Merry Christmas !

Christmas greeting from Sara on her  instagram


2013/Dec/16         FLOW  photo shoot by Anna Vinterfall

The Swedish photographer  Anna Vinterfall  has made a special
photo shoot with the poledance girls from Sara´s studio FLOW
in Stockholm - the pics you can find on Anna´s fb page:  album

            ANNA  VINTERFALL  PHOTOGRAPHY   website   facebook


2013/Dec/06     Happy Friday from Sara !   photo

2013/Dec/04                          Pole Dance Training

Admire the results of today´s training !   clip 1   clip 2


2013/Dec/02                   SM 2013  -  photos  &  videos

Sara & Ida !    Amazing performences at the Championchips
in Gothenburg, the videos are online @ youtube:   SARA   IDA

And  FLOW sthlm´s  facebook  has an album up:   87 photos !

videos / SARA



Swedish  Championchips  in  Poledance
SM 2013       official website   english      SM 2013

Sara and Ida,  poledance instructors and owners
of the "FLOW" studios in Stockholm and Karlstad
participate today in Gothenburg ... 
Good Luck !!

SM 2013                                    Photo  from album  SM 2013 
Sara Lumholdt                         by at facebook


2013/Nov/23                      Training  &  Fun  !

Sara trains diligently for the SM 2013 next week-end
-  yesterday dog Lily admired her in the studio:   PIC

Two new clips from today:                                        
SARA  has fun in the studio,  LILY  in the nature !


2013/Nov/17         Pole Dance Time:  " Titanic & Teaser "

SARA  shows the well known  TITANIC  pose at the pole  photo
             and has left a teaser clip for us on her Instagram:    CLIP


2013/November/15                " FLOW  Karlstad "

2nd  FLOW   studio will be opened soon in Karlstad !
                                                  website/english   facebook


SARA turns  29


All the best to you,                                                                          
much health, energy and success, specially at the SM in Poledance
in Nov. We wish you a fun filled day today with famiily and friends !

May the animation above remind you to earlier times & birthdays,
like the pic below, where you just turned 18 ... you remember ??

Photo:   2002/Oct/25 - Utrecht/NL  gallery     video  w. text from 2012 !


2013/Oct/07                   Pole Dance  -  SM 2013

competes at the Swedish Championships in Poledance 
SM 2013  Nov. 30th  in Gothenburg - congratulations !

See who else has congratulated Sara on her   instagram
Take also a view to this  headstand  & the latest  Lily photo !


2013/Oct/03                      Swedish Pole Dance Federation
                        &  Swedish Championship in Poledance

FLOW - news                                                                                       
Sara and Ida joined the Swedish Pole Dance Federation   SPDF
& applied to compete at the Swedish Poledance Championship
which is coming soon ...  More about on  FLOW sthlm´s   BLOG


2013/August/09               SARA  @ the Pole  !

Please comment the latest clip on Sara´s  instagram


2013/July/27        Clips @ Instagram

Check out two short clips of Lily   01  02
and one with Sara, Ida and a friend:  03



A little  LILY  special !

Sara´s puppy  LILY
is now six months old,
so time to check back how
she grow up and what she
has experienced since she
lives on Sara´s side ...

" Now I´m a teeny ... not? "

    July/14    " Sun ... tell me ... where are you going now ? "   photo
   June/20    " My first holiday ... photoshooting time ! "   photo
   June/19    " My first hoilday ... arrived ... and now ?? "   photo
   June/16    " Waiting for what ?  Come on ... follow me ! "   photo
   June/05    " I love this place ... and beer ? ... nnnope ! "   photo
    May/26    " Dear people ... since when I use knife & fork ? "   photo
    May/19     "  ... ZZZzzzzz ... ZZZzzzzz ... ZZZzzzzz ... "   (3)   photo
    May/11    " Ooohhhh ... sooo good ... how I like that !! "   photo
    May/07    " Really ... I love my life  ...  and the balcony ! "   photo
    May/03    " Haha !  Me and my lovely mommy ... yepp ! "   photo
    May/02    " Good Morning all ... time to go out yet ... "   photo
   April/25    " You´ve said one for you & one for me ... so !? "   photo
   April/22    " ... ZZZzzzzz ... ZZZzzzzz ... ZZZzzzzz ... "   (2)   photo
   April/20    " Please ... not under the shower again ! "   photo
   April/17    " See you ... not ... see you ... not  click  ... shit ! "   photo
   April/13    " My breakfast you make not in the oven ?? "   photo
   April/02    " Here I have felt a bit homesick ... "   photo
 March/29    " ... ZZZzzzzz ... ZZZzzzzz ... ZZZzzzzz ... "   (1)   photo
 March/22    " I love my new home and the people here ... "   photo
 March/19    "  Hello !  I´m LILY !  Just found a new home ... "   photo


2013/June/25            Interview about Poledance

Check out the interview with Sara and Ida
the scandinavian online magazin "Men´s World"
made with both:    swedish    english


2013/June/19-24             Holidays in Marstrand

Sara and her dog Lily enjoy two weeks in Marstrand
- on the west coast in Sweden´s south
.       wikipedia
Instagram photos:   06/24   06/20   06/19                      


2013/June/15                    Pole Dance with Sara & Ida

The instructors @ the pole - stunning studio performences !
IronX-battle - first time  &  Instructors/Level 4       2 VIDEOS


2013/June/12              " TRUE  BLOOD "  Party

"True Blood" is a vampire series @ PayTV channel  HBO nordic
who invited to the launch party of season 6, starts June/17.
For this event, a garage was transformed to the vampire bar
"Fangtasia", where Sara and FLOW Sthlm showed an extra

themed performence at the pole.    photos:   01  02   training
More pics of the TB party you can find on the swedish
HBO nordic facebook page,  on  Stureplan  and  Aftonbladet


2013/June/06         Vertically  Splits  @  the  pole  !

Isn´t it amazing what Sara is doing at the pole all the time ?
We think ... it IS !     Bravo Sara !


2013/May/26           Polepractise  &  Stretching            

Funday Sunday:    Sara and Ida in the studio ...   photo


2013/May/19             Sara´s  song  "My  Serenade"

Very nice fanvideo ... made by our member Sabrina !

May/25     Sara posted on her facebook:                                      
"thank you @sabrinazorzon for this awesome video! xxx Sara"

                                                                            by  lesdrummerbian




Super  SARA
@  the pole !!

Yesterday´s workout:

1 hour with the personal
trainer and food adviser
Björn Fredriksson
+ 1 hour in the studio !

Comment this photo
on Sara´s  instagram


2013/March/30             " Fångarna på fortet "   Del 3
Sara  participated in the TV game series 
Fångarna på fortet,
the swedish version of the well known "Fort Boyard"

Sara´s posting  @  INSTAGRAM            VIDEO/CLIP  with Sara !
Fångarna på fortet @   TV4    english        TV4 play     facebook


2013/March/26                  Devote @  FLOW sthlm
                                               Devote team tests Poledance !

A while ago ...                                                                              
three ladies from Schwedens blog offerer DEVOTE
the poledance - coached and instructed by none other than
Sara of course !  Read what they said after:  article/photos

                                                                                FLOW BLOG

  Fanny Ekstrand


  2013/March/23            What do you say to ...
                                     these pictures ??   01  02

2013/March/21                New        
                                   @ Sara´s videofy !

Check it out and watch the videos again  HERE


2013/March/06                 FLOW sthlm  -  roundtour

Take a look inside of Sara´s and Ida´s poledance studio:
                                                                                16 photos


2013/Feb/21                    FLOW

FLOW  -  a film about Pole Dance
Starring:  Sara Lumholdt, Ida Rosén a.o.
Studio:  FLOW Stockholm

VIDEO    youtube


2013/Feb/20      Poledance - todays workout !

Electric legswitch, handspring-fang, a Marion Amber
and finishing with a 10 seconds Iron X.   wow! VIDEO


2013/Jan/30              Sara @ the premiere
                         of "Schlager-koll"

Sara was guest in this new Schlagershow and talked
about Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest

by Aftonbladet/Nöjesbladet TV         article + video







Have you seen these
amazing  photos ???

Check them out now !



2013/Jan/21          Pole Dance with Sara !

Handspring Iron X combo  &  Handspring on Spinny
Check out these two new amazing videos   HERE

and for more please visit Sara´s
and the new Pole Dance Studio   FLOW Stockholm

2013/Jan/09         AERIAL  SILK

Check out Sara´s new funsport "Aerial Silk"
she posted about on the FLOW blog:

Finally Aäääriaaal!     New Tricks :)


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