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2014/Dec/30                                                       2 0 1 4

"2014 ...  What a fun POLE-year it was !"  Sara posted
today on Instagram. In a video she thanked all people
they helped her to become better at the pole ...


2014/Dec/24                                           Bondi  Beach  Sydney

Sara sends christmas greetings from Bondi Beach:   12/24   12/22

              God Jul !   by                                                     fb  IG


2014/Dec/19                 Welcome  in  Australia  !

Sara has arrived safely in Sydney. Yesterday she visited
the  Taronga Zoo  -  but two animals on the  photo/IG
are not living in nature there, did you recognice them ?

Sara "in the eye of the tiger" - check out this  CLIP/IG


2014/Dec/14                 Sydney  Countdown

Only two days left, so Happy Vacation Sara !   IG
Have a good flight and a great time in Australia !
Sara's dog Lily wonders about the packing ...  IG


2014/Dec/04                       Sydney  Countdown

12 days to go ...  then Sara will breath Australian air !
Currently Sara is looking for insider tips where to go,
places to visit ... pole dance where she could train (?)
Do you know Sydney ?  Do you have some tips ?  IG


2014/Nov/28             A*TEENS  Reunion  2014.2

Yesterday  Sara, Marie, Amit  and  Dhani  met up with
their Ex-manager  Anders  and Ex-person in charge and
bodyguard  Stefan  @ Nosh and Chow  in Stockholm !

PICS:  S/IG  A/IG  A/f1  A/f2  D/IG  M/IG (b)  M/BLOG  St/f


2014/Nov/24                      FLOW  Pole  Fitness

After winning this year's championship Sara just has
started her next challenge in the studio:   


2014/Nov/23                           Sara's  Performence !

The winner's performence of this year's Swedish nationals
in Poledance,  Stockholm, Nov/09        Photos/IG:  01
Poledanceforbundet  youtube        Flowpolefitness  vimeo
Problem with watching videos on YT ?  Google: "youtube proxy"

Photo:  Sara performing at the SM 2014  (right-click to enlarge)
© / by  @ IG  Art of Echo       ... thanks for sharing !


2014/Nov/22                                    A  FUNNY  DAY

with Sara's niece Vera and dog Lily   photos/IG:  01  02


2014/Nov/19                      FLOW's  Pole  Trio

Balancing and showing a  XXX  figure on the pole !
                                                      photos / IG:  01  02


2014/Nov/18                 Sydney  Countdown  !

WOW !     Sara counts down the days !   In less than
a month she'll start vacacions in Sydney,  Australia !

Probably a present from her boyfriend Chris ??    IG

SM 2014    Pappa Lumholdt  congratulated on   IG


2014/Nov/11                 SM in Poledance 2014

CLIP    Happy  Medals  Dance  @  FLOW  !!    CLIP/IG


Sara performing
on the pole !

Photo  by  tessyru/IG

Some  more  pics  by
sandraellinormaria @ IG
Sara       Anki/Amanda
Three Winners    Stage

minnaforssberg:  IG


Swedish Championships in Poledance 2014

Sara  started as no.5 in the category Women  SM 2014
 and was one of the national judges of the  IPSF / SPDF

Congratulations !

Sara  has won the Poledance category Women,
      colleagues  Anki Happonen  &  Amanda Drotz
      have won as  Double !
        Resultat/SM 2014

Photo by  vestinemma/IG                               

"Sweden's  best Pole Dancers !!!

And two
very proud colleagues and judges!
amandadrotz and happos won the category  Double
and  saralumholdt  won  Pole dance category  in this year's
Championship! The love of my wonderful FLOW is greater than
today, the joy I saw on stage from these wonderful girls
went straight to my heart, for me it's what this sport is all
; Joy!
  Ida Rosén,  facebook   (translation by google)

Photo below by  Ida Rosén/IG            Group photo:  Sara W./IG




We wish you all the best, specially much health, happiness
and satisfaction in all your ways, and of course ... a lot of
fun and success on the pole and with your studio FLOW !

Fangroup No.1  and your fans round the world
wish you a wonderful day and a nice celebration !

Collage by our member Sabrina /facebook site:   Sara Lumholdt Fans


2014/Oct/17                                          FLOW  Karlstad

Exercises and challenge in the studio in Karlstad   photo/IG


2014/Oct/14                        Barca  Pole  Camp  Video

We remember:   in August two months ago, Sara visited the
Pole Camp in Barcelona.  Organizer  PoleDanceFactory  now
has published Sara's classy performence on  video  youtube


2014/Oct/13                                Happy  Dance  (6)

Happy Monday  from Sara !    Happy Dance 6   CLIP/IG


2014/Oct/08                             Go  Team  FLOW  !

Only one month to go for the Swedish Championships
in Poledance 2014 - save your  tickets  now !    infos/IG


2014/Sept/27                   Balance  Basics  1-30

Today exercise 27  plus 2 clips from last night  @ IG
Sara´s  Yoga challenge  -  exercises 22-26  photos/IG


2014/Sept/26                         Happy  Dance  (5)

Happy Pole Dance by Happy Girls @ FLOW   CLIP/IG


2014/Sept/25                            Workshop  &  Training

with Heidi C.  photo/IG  and  Anna d. C.  photo/IG  in London


2014/Sept/22                                         Happy  Monday  !

Sara is off to London today  -  for workshops and a reunion !
Balance Basics   exercises 20 +21 (CLIP)    Happy Dance   CLIP 4

IG / photo cut:   exercise 20                                                            



Freestyle Choreography                
May/03   Sara hold two workshops in Örebro   VIDEO

Happy Dance   by team FLOW continues:   CLIP 2   CLIP 3
Balance Basics 1-30    IG/photos/exercises   16-19  


2014/Sept/15                            FLOW  Team-Training

Sara  and her team starts the training for the championship
in November, the
  Svenska Mästerskapen i Poledance 2014
Sara: This fall will be really fun !   PIC      Happy Dance  CLIP 1

Balance Basics 1-30    IG/photos/exercises  13-15


2014/Sept/14                    Poledance  Workout

PD workout with  Agnes Carlsson  & Crew     photo/IG
Balance Basics 1-30    IG/photos/exercises  11+12


2014/Sept/10            Balance  Basics  1-30

Sara´s  Yoga challenge this September:   PIC/IG
Three more:  exercises 8-10      photo/IG:   08 - 10


2014/Sept/07            Balance  Basics  1-30

Sara´s  Yoga challenge this September:   PIC/IG
Street Yoga !   exercises 4-7     photo/IG:   04 - 07


2014/Sept/04                  LILY   &   SIGGE

2 CLIPS  of two friends on Sara´s Instagram:
They are walking  and  playing
  and have fun !


2014/Sept/03           Balance  Basics  1-30

Sara´s  Yoga challenge this September:   PIC/IG
First 3 days   exercises 1-3   photos/IG:   01  2+3

Photo cut:  figure/day3                                               


2014/Aug/29        Ice  Bucket  Challenge

Sara was nominated - check out the result  @ IG


2014/Aug/27                Back  on  the  Pole

Sara announced a lot of training in fall   photo/IG


2014/Aug/19                        Back @ Home

Sara on the beach in Barcelona    orig photo/IG
Photo Cut Out                                                       


2014/Aug/11                    Barca  Pole  Retreat

As we suspected,  it is the  Ecole de Pole  studio with
trainer  Marion Crampe  who have organized the camp
where Sara and also Ida just participate.   photo/IG


2014/Aug/08                   Summer  Pole  Camp

Sara is currently attending a pole camp in Barcelona,
possibly that of the
  Ecole de Pole  studio, but we´re
not sure !  We hope to get more infos about soon ...

While Sara´s stay in Spain,  dog Lily is in good hands
at the breeder in Sweden.  Of course, she´ll miss her
mommy Sara a lot,  but we are also sure that Lily will
enjoy the 9-day holiday at her old well known home
where she was born just 19 months ago.   photo/IG





Two  Years  !

Together since two years now:
Sara  &  Chris    photo/IG

Congratulations !


2014/July/28              It´s  Monday  again !

After a hot weekend, with a very nice sunset friday
night (photo/IG)
, Sara started the new week with
... wishing you a great monday !   (photo below/IG)

We say  " Thank you Sara, have a nice week ! "


2014/July/22         Pole Dance  &  Aerial Hoop
Last weekend Sara has performed in Kallis Beach Club
in Visby - on the pole and in a ring high up in the air !!

Photos/IG:  01  02


2014/July/20              Open Day  @  FLOW

Sara  & team open the studio doors for anyone
who wants ...
     Read more here:  facebook  english
We are not sure if  LILY will be there too,
probably she more likes going to
  >>  CLIP


2014/July/19                   The  Pink  Party

2nd  show-day in Kallis beach club :   photo/IG
First IG photos  -  by  FLOW team / Emma:   01  02

2014/July/18              The  White  Party

Sara & this weekend´s pole team  performed
in the beach club  Kallis  in Visby:      photo/IG

Photos  -  by  FLOW team:  01  02  03  04  05  06


2014/July/06           Photo  with  Anton Ewald

@ the Stena Match Cup Sweden  IG  in Marstrand  IG


Stena  Match  Cup  Sweden  14

Sara is visiting the famous Sailing Race, which is part
of the World Match Racing Tour.     photos/IG:  01  02
Stena Match Cup Sweden
also includes a Childhood Race, where celebrities race
side by side with the stars of the WM Racing Tour.
This year the charity event is placed on thursday, July 03.

Photos 2012 /  01  02


2014/June/28                                    Instagram

Three new clips:    06/28   06/26   06/23  +  photo


2014/June/20           Happy  Midsummer  !

from  Sara,  Lily  and  friend  Jenny      PHOTO / IG


2014/June/09                                    5000  Followers

Now more than 5000 people follow Sara on Instagram !
Sara thanks with a first  CLIP  in her new summer outfit.


2014/June/08                Sara´s  Saturday  Selfie

Sara  in her new trainingsoutfit  ...  WOW !      photo/IG



Right ´Round on the Pole

Check out Sara´s training spins:   CLIP/IG

You spin me right ´round, baby  right ´round
like a record, baby  right ´round ´round ´round

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

(Murder Mix)


2014/June/01          LILY  COOL

... ready for the beach !    photo/IG


2014/May/31                    Pole  Fitness  -  Training
A little bit of today´s training after stretching ...  CLIP/IG

2014/May/30                  Pole  Fitness  -  Workout
Sara tried some of her own moves on the pole:  CLIP/IG

2014/May/29                  Performing  is  my  Life !
One more photo !   Sara  @ the  CPC 2014    PHOTO /IG

2014/May/22                  Performing is my Life ! 

Red Bull  gives you wings,                                     
              Little Miracles 
let you fly !

Photo:   Sara  @ the  CPC 2014   photo/IG                     


2014/May/20                             Happy  Tuesday  !

Sara  greets her followers on Instagram and shows an
an extra figure on the pole. Thanks a lot Sara !   PHOTO

2014/May/19                     Happy  Training  !

The first time with success - check out the  CLIP !




Congratulations !    Sara reached place 6 !    photo/IG    FLOW @ f
VIDEO  You can watch her performence  HERE  and on  youtube



SARA  performed and competed at the  CPC 2014
organized by studio  in Copenhagen
PHOTOS  on  Sara´s  Instagram:   01  02


2014/May/16                        CUTE  CLIP  !

Sara´s little niece gives Lily her breakfast:  IG


2014/May/13              CPC  2014  -  countdown !

This Saturday (May/17),  Sara will compete and perform
at the pole competition in Copenhagen - the  CPC 2014

Photo:  Sara/IG               And who want to go there too  ???


2014/May/03                           Fun  in  Örebro  !

Sara hold 2 choreo workhops in Örebro:   photos/IG

2014/May/01             Freestyle  on  the  Pole

Pole Dance    2 CLIPS  on Sara´s IG :   part 1   part 2
 Dog Pics    Cute and funny :   LILY   dog 1   dog 2


2014/April/30                  C P C   2 0 1 4

Copenhagen Pole Competition 2014

Buy a ticket now and see Sara performing
in Copenhagen on May 17th !
   infos @ IG


2014/April/28                     LILY ??

What a dog is doing after a weekend
full of fun  -  check it out:


2014/April/20                   HAPPY   EASTER  !

Sara and the  FLOW sthlm - team
wishes  HAPPY
EASTER  on  facebook
and Lily enjoys the sun on the balcony:  photo/IG


2014/April/16                    Happy  Puppy  !

Lily is now 15 months old ......  looking forward
the opening of this year´s  barbecue season
- the heaven on earth for every dog !  photo/IG


2014/April/12              YOGA  to  the  Core

Day 7-12  ... check it out on Sara´s Instagram !
Photos:  Apr/08   Apr/12                    CLIP:  Apr/12


2014/April/03-06          YOGA  &  Handstand

The challenge goes on - pics & clips on Instagram !
Photos:  Apr/03   Apr/04         CLIPS:  Apr/05   Apr/06


2014/April/02              Challenge  4  Two

Now Lily has found favor in the challenge:   IG

2014/April/01                ...  April  April  !

Photo:   Sara´s  MAAPRIL  challenge     IG


2014/Mar/25            Workshop with Ch. Wagner

Photos  from the workshop with Charlee @ FLOW   BLOG


2014/Mar/14                                 Pole  Acrobatics

Photo:   Awesome Sara shows the "Dragon Tail" !   IG


2014/Mar/11                       New  Poles  Arrived  !

Platinum !   Only the best for the best - so it should be !

Check out the new poles on  Sara´s Instagram   photo
and the shop where they come from:  website  facebook


2014/Mar/06                  Choreography  Time

Instagram    Sara´s clips from last night:   01  02  03


2014/Feb/28                     Friday  Night

You know what Sara is doing tonight ?   IG


2014/Feb/25               Back on the Pole !

Studio Recordings:    photo/today    CLIP/Feb 22


2014/Feb/19                   Sara  in  Paradise  2

Sailing:    2 days ago was the final day of the RC 44
Virgin Gorda Cup
to which Sara´s life partner Chris
participated with the successful Team Aqua.

YCCS  Marina      Sara´s  IG photos:   02/19   02/17

2014/Feb/15                      Sara  in  Paradise

Today´s view  IG photo    Handstand practise  CLIP

2014/Feb/11               Caribbean  Vacation

British Virgin Islands - Virgin Gorda    google maps
Nice photos on  Sara´s Instagram :
   01   02   03


2014/Feb/06               Copenhagen  Pole  Competition

Congratulations !   Sara competes at the CPC in May.   instagram
Check also two new clips of the past days:   Feb/05   Feb/04

Sara:   " I instruct 5 pole classes a week, but my own training
type 1-3 times a week with mixed exercise. "


2014/Feb/03                  " Spin  Combo "

Clip from yesterday´s training ...   INSTAGRAM


2014/Feb/02               Sara let the pole glow !

Two new clips on Sara´s Instagram:
Friday Training   &  Sunday Practise


2014/Jan/28                      High up on the pole 2

Isn´t it amazing what Sara shows on the pole ?   CLIP


International  Peanut  Butter  Day
Who do you think you´ll see in this  CLIP
on  Sara´s  Instagram ??   Check it out !


2014/Jan/21                  High up on the pole

Sara  shows what´s possible on the pole:  CLIP/IG
If the IG-player don´t work fine just use the  webview

2014/Jan/19                  Happy  Birthday  LILY  !

Sara´s dog  LILY  turned 1 year old this week:  CLIP/IG


2014/Jan/18                       OK-day on the pole

Saturday  Poledance   -   two new clips on Sara´s IG
                                            warmup combo   little practise


2014/Jan/14           Lily wake-up pic

A really cute snapshot of Sara´s dog Lily,
"lovingly" commented by Sara:  instagram

2014/Jan/12          Sara´s  dreams
May they will come true !     instagram


2014/Jan/05                  2014 - here we come !

What  Sara & the FLOW team  have planned for 2014
- find it out on their blog:   swedish   english     facebook


2014/Jan/01                    Happy  New  Year !

Holidays @  FLOW sthlm - Sara and the team have
left a New Year´s greeting on their  facebook  page


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