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    From January to June Sara lives in Bermuda !
    For more infos please check the news below :


Sept / 06 - 10    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas    WEB
Sara meets with pole friends from thursday till monday    IG


2017/Dec/31                           The  Last  Day

Sara finished off the year with a 10 km run !  IG
That was 2017   Sara looks back on 2017 ...   IG


The  Flow  Family

Competition training with a few athletes
 for the Swedish nationals.         photo/IG

Jan/06+07   FLOW Winter bootcamp
 in Stockholm and Karlstadt    infos/IG


2017/Dec/27           FLOW  Stockholm

Studio Fun + Behind the Scenes   2 clips/IG


2017/Dec/15                                       Sweden  !

Sara goes back to Sweden for Christmas and will
stay three months. Roadtrip starts tonight !    IG


2017/Nov/22                             Level  2  Certificate

Bravo !  Sara continues her professional development as
competition judge and is back in top form !
   IG:  01  02


2017/Nov/17                  Greet  From  Southsea

End of a busy week:   Sara and her dogs Lily and Freja
enjoy the sunset at the seafront ...            5 photos/IG
And  Sara plans  to  visit  Sweden  before  Christmas !


2017/Nov/15                                         Level  1  Certificate
Congratulations !  Sara got the Level 1 certificate today, for her
achievement in the  ISPF Competition Organisers Training !   IG

Pole  Theatre  Scandinavia    Stockholm 2018, May/26    info/IG


2017/Oct/29                                        Studio  Sunday

Training in Southampton UK @ Urban Aerial ...    CLIP/IG
Next weekend  Sara  comes to Sweden to train with the
athletes she coaches for the Swedish Nationals in March

Image captured from the clip above                                         


2017/Oct/25                          Happy  Birthday  Sara  !

Today Sara celebrates her  33.  birthday !                photo/IG
Dear  Sara,

on this special day we wish you all the best,
health, luck, success, contentment, peace
and love for all the years to come, especially
for your great and joyful event next year !


                                                   photo collage by  sabriz__

happy birthday gif


2017/Oct/04                                Spin  Pole

Spinning around in new polewear ...   CLIP/IG
Offer :  Personal coaching for the Pole SM   IG


2017/Sept/30                   Fun  Pole  Day

Sara works on getting as strong as she used
to be before moving to Bermuda ...   CLIP/IG


2017/Sept/26                                     Pole  SM  2018

The  Swedish Championships in Poledance 2018  will be
held March 10/11.  Registration opens Oct/01  infos/IG

                                                                    Svensk Pole  IPSF


2017/Sept/23                                          Kickoff  2017

FLOW Polefitness   Planning the future and virtual reality
Have you ever played "Fruit Ninja" ??     photo + CLIP/IG


2017/Sept/18                                           Pole  Sports

Sara offers online sessions for competition planning  IG
Sept/24  Sara's workshop next sunday, prev.:  CLIP/IG


2017/Sept/13        Back  In  Southsea

Cuddling with Lily and Freja ...   3 photos/IG


2017/Sept/12                              Friends  !
On the way back from the Pole-EXPO,  Sara
visited a good friend in California who will be
her bridesmaid next year ...       4 photos/IG

Yesterday   Last day in Vegas    3 photos/IG


2017/Sept/10                       Pole  EXPO  In  Vegas

Sara participated in several workshops the last two days
days and enjoyed Las Vegas at night ...     IG:  01  02  03

Short clips of the show last night ...     IG:  01  02


2017/Sept/07                                    Los  Angeles

Little  reunion  with  Josh  Skinner  in  L. A.     IG   IG
Sara and Josh have written and recorded the songs
for Sara's debut album in 2008 ... but unfortunately
"My Serenade" wasn't released officially ...   wikipedia


2017/Aug/25                                  Little  Reunion

Sara met up with "Chucky" in London !        photo/IG
Greetings to Sara and the A*TEENS choreographer !


2017/Aug/20                        Sara's  Comeback
How nice, Sara is back at the pole !
We hope to see more of her again soon ...   CLIP/IG

One more beautiful photo of the engagement
shoot on the Bermudas ...  photo/IG

Photo:  Snapchat, Aug/18  IG


2017/Aug/09                               Family  Fun

before Sara will fly back to England   IG:  01  02


2017/Aug/08       Home,  Sweet  Home

FLOW    Studio visit in Stockholm ...   photo/IG
Yesterday   Breakfast on the home terrace  IG


2017/Aug/06         Rainy  Stockholm
View from the Central Bridge to Sara's old
home Lilla Essingen (background)  photo/IG

Yesterday   Sara surprised her instructors
in Linköping.  What for a funny day !     IG

And check out this dance wonder   >>  IG

Jul/27   Last greet from Scotland @  Insta


2017/Jul/24       Camping  In  Scotland  (2)
Last night ...     "Animal" sunset on  Tiree   photo/IG
Y'day   Caravan and Camp Park in  Oban   IG/below


2017/Jul/22                Camping  In  Scotland  (1)

Today,  Sara,  Chris  and the dogs started their common
holidays:  a camping trip through Scotland !   IG:  01  02


2017/Jul/14                                      Amazing !
Pole Theatre Scandinavia   Stockholm  2018   IG
IPSF TV   International  Pole  Sports  Federation  IG

No idea for a luxery breakfast tomorrow ??   IG
Amazing  A*TEENS  collection  by  Julien  IG   IG


2017/Jun/30                      Old  Times
Photo below:   Remember  Sara  Love  ?
Wednesday   Sara at the hairdresser  IG



2017/Jun/24                     Glad  Midsommar !

Sara is currently in Southsea, England   IG:  01  02


2017/Jun/16                 Upside  Down !

Sara misses her new friends and the  Lotus
studio in Bermuda.    photos/IG:  01  02  03

Yesterday   Colored sky over Southsea   IG


2017/Jun/14        Back  In  Southsea

Welcome back in Europe Sara !     photo/IG
And congratulations to level 1 !     image/IG


2017/Jun/13                       Bye  Bye  Bermuda !

Tonight Sara leaves the beautiful island and flies back
to England with Chris and her dogs.   pics/IG:  01  02


2017/June/08                         Countdown  Started !
Sara counts the days in Bermuda !   Only one week left to
enjoy the sun, beach and water ...         photos/IG:  01  02

America's  Cup   Unfortunately ...   the british team is now
out of race after today's semi-finals against New Zealand.


2017/June/06                                Ready  To  Fly

A C / GBR vs NZ       Two important races today for
the British Landrover BAR team, so good luck !   IG


2017/June/05                                     Disqualified !
New  Zealand  vs  Great  Britain :    Black flagg for the
British Landrover BAR team  that was unable to start
race 2 against New Zealand  ... because of a technical
defect with a wing in race 1.    Then the time was too
short to exchange the wing before race 2 started, so
finally they got disqualified  - and NZ won both races.

June/04  Photos taken yesterday:  01  02                          


2017/June/02                            Qualified !
The British  Landrover BAR  team is qualified
for the challenger semi finals, congrats !   IG

Sara & Chris     Another  photo  from the
engagement shoot in the Horseshoe Bay


2017/May/30                                  Royal  Dockyard
America's  Cup  -  Land Rover  BAR  team's  yacht
R1  at the Naval Dockyard in Bermuda   IG (below)
May/28    Grand opening  and party ...    photo/IG

Sara's dogs Lily and  Freja  also feel comfortable on the
Bermudas. They'll miss it when they're back in Sweden.


2017/May/26                    America's  Cup  2017
Sailing  Like Sara told us yesterday on her  Instagram
... the  35th America's Cup  starts today in Bermuda !

TV channels round the world sends day by day  LIVE
from today on  like the austrian channel  Servus TV
>>  also available in Germany !  (Entertain TV / Telekom)
Attention !  From  May/26 - June/03  Servus TV  broadcasts
LIVE  only  via Internet !     Here is the complete 



Bermuda  Day  2017

Great street parade in Hamilton
Sara is quite excited since yesterday  IG
Photo sets by the local newspaper
  01  02  03  lineup


2017/May/21                          New  Followers

Sara greets her new Instagram followers  (photo)
Next month Sara comes home again  photo/IG

May/16   Birthday party @ the beach   fun clip/IG


2017/May/14                                     Mother's  Day

Our  "Pole mamma"  on  Cooper's Island,  a wonderful
place and small part of the Bermudas.         4 photos/IG


2017/May/13                               Whoop  Whoop !

Sara and friend Madeleine gave a  little Aerial Silk show
outdoors at the Sports Centre of Bermuda.   photo/IG

Please send  THOSE  with email to  fangroup@ ...  Thank You !


2017/May/09                                              Two  Sisters

Sara's sister Anna  visits her sister on the Bermudas    IG
Frogs in Bermuda  IG  ... and  Frogs In Spain  >  musictip


2017/May/05                                             At  The  Beach

Europe  If you're looking for the sun ... it's here:   photo/IG
But soon Sara will come back to Sweden. The  America Cup
in which her fiance participates takes place on the  26th,  so
a few days the two still have.
     Then let's hope they'll bring
the sun with !  Until then, keep dry !     Nice memories @  IG


2017/April/28           A  Lucky  Couple

Sara & Chris   One of the engagement pics
shot at the beach last week ...      photo/IG


2017/April/27      Swenglish  Wedding  2018
Future  Mrs. Noble Lumholdt               IG:  01  02


2017/Apr/23                      Engagement  Photos 

Yesterday,  Sara & Chris  had taken their engagement
photos on the Horseshoe Bay Beach.  Previously Sara
fought with her paddle and balance ...  ph/IG:  01  02

We hope to see more of the beautiful pics soon !


2017/Apr/16                         Neighbourhood

Bermuda   Here Sara currently lives ...   photo/IG


2017/Apr/14               Happy  Easter !

... from Sara on the Bermudas !   photo/IG


2017/Apr/13                       T B T

Can these eyes lie ??      photo/IG
Bermuda-haircut for a dog ...   IG


2017/Apr/08            Sweden  -  Stockholm

Sara is shocked about what happened yesterday
in Stockholm, but she's proud to be a Swede !

Pray for Sweden !    #prayforstockholm


2017/Apr/04               Fun  On  Bermuda

Aerial Movement  -  Upside Down !    photo/IG
2 days ago:  visit by Sara's mother    photo/IG 


2017/Mar/28             More  BM

Pool Day in Bermuda      photo/IG
and a magical sky last night ...  IG


2017/Mar/23                            Amazing  Bermuda

Crystal Cove  &  Warwick Long Bay (below)   IG:  01  02


2017/Mar/18                   A  Taste  Of  Summer

The beautiful weather on the Bermudas invited Sara
to explore the
  Admiralty House Park      6 photos/IG


2017/Mar/17                                        Day  Trip

A day in St. George's / Bermuda   wiki    photo/IG
and fun with Brandon 2 weeks ago ...   photos/IG


2017/Mar/05                                Championships

The  Swedish Pole Sports Championchips 2017   web
were held this weekend in Stockholm.  Sara could'nt
be there,   but she watched the competitions live via
internet  and sent congratulations from Bermuda to
her students in Sweden ...             photos/IG:  01  02


2017/Feb/28                                  On  Board

Feb/27  Sunny boat ride with Chris   photo/IG


2017/Feb/12                                  Wedding  2018

Sara and Chris are planning to marry next year !    IG
And so the winter looks like in Bermuda  >>  photo/IG


Sara  Said  YES !
Jan/28, Bermuda    Sara said YES on the lighthouse when
she was asked by Chris whether she wants to marry him !
WOW !!  Congratulations and the best to you !!     IG
We're looking forward to the wedding !  :)    image/IG

80's      Leuchtturm / Lighthouse      80's

Ich geh' mit dir wohin du willst.
Auch bis ans Ende dieser Welt !  ...

I go with you wherever you want.
Also to the end of this world !  ...

Komm geh' mit mir den Leuchtturm rauf.
Wir können die Welt von oben seh'n.  ...

Come go with me up the lighthouse.
We can see the world from above.  ...

Nena - Leuchtturm (1983)   lyrics   de/en   VIDEO


2017/Jan/24                      Life  LIVE

Sara enjoyed a good coffee downtown
and yesterday the pool ...     IG:  01  02


2017/Jan/20         Back  On  The  Pole

Hamilton/Bermuda  Sara has found a studio
to continue with the training ...       photo/IG
Looks tasty:  Sara's self baked cookies !    IG


Happy   Birthday   Lily  !

Already four years old now !    photo/IG
Also LILY was born and comes from the
Kennel  Twinkle  in Mölnbo  -  congrats !


Happy   Birthday   Freja  !

Already two years old now !      photo/IG
You know where she was born ?  HERE !


2017/Jan/08                            Lily  And  Freja

Our stay in Bermuda - Sunset @ day 1   photo/IG

2017/Jan/07                     Bermuda  -  Day 1
Sunset in  Bermuda's  capital Hamilton   photo/IG


Bermuda  -  Here  We  Come  !

It's time !  Today Sara, Chris and the dogs Lily and Freja
take off to Bermuda for the next six month !     photo/IG

British Airways / Flight BA2233
London 14:20   >>   Bermuda 18:10
Departure  171  minutes  late  !

Started 17:11  >>  Bermuda 21:04 (estimated)

Follow  Sara  and  flight  BAW2233
FLIGHT TRACKER:  flightaware  flightstats

Bermuda Airport / Landings:   video  video


2017/Jan/05                Southsea  Trilogy
Today:  Sara's last day in Southsea   photo/IG
Tomorrow:  Off to Bermuda (flight BA2233)

Y'day:   Salmon @ Southsea Coffee   photo/IG


2017/Jan/01                                                     2 0 1 7
Happy New Year  from Sara and family  >>  photo/IG


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