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  July         WORLD  POLE  SPORTS  CHAMPIONSHIPS  in  London    IG
23-24       Sara and crew are going to cheer their constructors  Anki.Amanda
videos       And Sara is also an official judge at the event (check July/07 below)

Sept 7-11        Welcome to the  5th  annual  POLE  EXPO 
                         @ the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas    infos/pics


2016/Dec/31                        In  Southsea

Just before the turn of the year ...  photo/IG
Y'day   Breakfast, renovations & errands   IG


2016/Dec/27                              Belated  M. C.

Belated  Merry Christmas  from Sara !    photo/IG

2016/Dec/25                        Merry  Christmas
from the  Sara Lumholdt Fans  facebook fan page


The  Adventure  Begins

Yesterday Sara started her journey,  from Stockholm to
Southsea (England) and back in 6 days !
  poss. route   IG
Today she has passed Ödeshög/Sweden on the  E4   IG


2016/Dec/17                          Christmas  Show
Amazing  Christmas  Show  last night @ FLOW    IG
Dec/16    Countdown runs ...                                      
Only 4 days left before Sara will leave Sweden !   IG


2016/Dec/13               Haircut  &  Hair  Care

Sara got her hair done in Linköping ...    photos/IG
and four days ago she braided her niece's hair   IG
And what do Sara's dogs think of a bit hair care ?
Like it looks  ... nothing !     photo/IG


2016/Dec/04                  Dreams
You Think You're A (hu-)Man,
But You're Only A Dog ...  IG

Reminds me to a song by  DIVINE

Students teached by Sara:   CLIP   PIC


2016/Nov/28         8000  Followers !

More than 8000 followers on Instagram !
Sara thanks with a little dance !     CLIP/IG


2016/Nov/26                             Joy  And  Fun

An walk with the dogs in the nature     photo/IG
and having fun in the cinema (pic below)  CLIP/IG


2016/Nov/25                 6  Months  Bermudas !

Love is ... !    Sara follows her boyfriend Chris to the
America Cup (sailing) - held in May/June 2017
on the Bermudas !     Chris Noble is one of the boat
captains of the  British  BAR  team   and  responsible
for the rigging.
  Sara will leave Sweden in 5 weeks,
and yes, definitely  WITH  Lily and Freja !   


2016/Nov/24                                    elevat  ED
Pole level 2 teacher training @ FLOW Stockholm
Photos/IG:  01  02  03      CLIPS:  01  02  03  04

Dec/10-11    FLOW  WINTERBOOTCAMP  2016


2016/Nov/11               Happy  Homeowners

Sara and Chris now have a second, official home in
Southsea (Portsmouth, England)     IG:  01  02  03


2016/Oct/31               Fun  &  Popcorn

Two new clips on Sara's instagram:  01  02


2016/Oct/27                                         Halloween

Freja & the pumpkin:  eatable or scary ?   photo/IG
Yesterday:  cuddling with the dogs ...    photo/IG



Happy Birthday animation
               dear   Sara !


Sweden's famous "pole mamma"
32 !!   Congratulations !

We wish you health, fun, luck
and much success on every
single day and for the new
adventure that awaits you !

All the best !

happy birthday photo happy_birthday_red_glittered_rose1.gif




2016/Oct/23                                                        Oslo

Sara is just back from the  Pole Theatre Scandinavia
competitions in Lilleström (Oslo/Norway)   image/IG


2016/Oct/20                             Flying  Dogs

OK, life jacket fits !  "Lily is ready for a move to
warmer climate and swim everyday" Sara writes
on her insta. But where is the journey going ?

photos/IG:  01  02  03


2016/Oct/10            New  Adventures

A big thing is happening and Sara wonders
what the future will bring ... (?)   IG:  01  02
2011/06  Photos by Helena Nyytäjä  BLOG


2016/Oct/02                          Sunshine  &  Funtime

Sara is having fun in Southsea. After a yummie breakfast
she & Chris made the River Hamble unsafe ...  IG:  01  02


2016/Sept/30                       Loppis  &  Hairdo

Oct/08    11:00 - 14:00  Flea market @ FLOW    IG
Your chance to get something from Sara's closet !
WOW !!  Check out Sara's new hairstyle !   pics/IG


2016/Sept/28                                 Shoes  &  More

Sara thinks about to host a flea market, October 7th,
in her studio in Stockholm.  Shoes & infos:   photo/IG

Staff  FLOW Stockholm  IG     Championship 2017  IG


2016/Sept/25                                    Good  Night

Sara wishes all followers a "Good Night"   photo/IG


2016/Sept/22        Rolling  Around

Rolling around a partner without
 touching the ground !     CLIP/IG


2016/Sept/20                    Electric  Leg  Switch
THIS is the  SLOW  version  of the Electric Leg Switch
move Sara taught her students last night.    CLIP/IG

The ELS is normally a fast and sweepy move like you
can see in Valeria P's pole dance tutorial @  YouTube

Also yesterday:  Sara stretchin' @ the pole !  photo/IG

Take a break with this famous  DOUBLE  and
listen to  75 songs
   Blocked ?  Use a  proxy !


2016/Sept/16                                     This  &  That

In Las Vegas  Sara also tried Aerial Straps   photo/IG
Yesterday    Two images from the normal life:  01  02


2016/Sept/12                Good  Bye  Vegas !

After a turbulent Pole-weekend in Vegas Sara is
now on the way back to Sweden.    Nine classes

plus three evening shows in just four days !   IG


2016/Sept/11                            Pole  Show  LA
Last day today at the  POLE EXPO  in Las Vegas.
Lots of photos & clips you can find on Instagram :

#poleexpo   #poleexpo2016   #poleshowla2016   pic/IG


2016/Sept/10                                              Memories

While viewing at Sara's dinner yesterday        photo/IG
Marie remembers and commented:                                 
Damn right time we went that morning in 2001 when
  we were there
when we stayed at Treasure Island
And Sara replied:  "yes  hahaha !   Fucking thus far.    
                                 Totally sick it was 15 years ago also"


2016/Sept/09                                                     Vegas

Sara has reached the  POLE EXPO 2016  in Las Vegas
and entered the  red carpet  last night ...       photo/IG


2016/Sept/08                         Reunion  Continued
From  Lakewood  to  Santa  Monica  ...        IG:  01  02
Reunion with songwriter  Josh Skinner  who co-wrote
the songs on Sara's unreleased album "Back To You"
2008/April/16   Josh interviews Sara @ City Walk   video

Sara and Josh / L A  2008 (Image taken from another video)


2016/Sept/07                                 A*  Little  Reunion

Sara left L. A. and visited friend Megan in Lakewood.     IG
1st time they met was at a videoshoot over 15 years ago.


2016/Sept/05                POLE  EXPO

Sara on the way to L.A. and  Las Vegas
where the  Pole Expo 2016  will be held
 this week.  (Sept. 07-11)         photo/IG


2016/Sept/01                      Sara's  Solo

Sara has not forgotten how to sing hehe !
Listen to her solo in the church:      clip/IG


2016/Aug/29                      Wedding  Choir
Video from the rehearsal with the vocal group  IRIS
Sara sang with in the church at the wedding of pole
sister Anki two days ago. (below)      IG:  photo  CLIP

Anki is one of the successful pole dance double
Amanda Drotz & Anki Happonen


2016/Aug/28            Congratulations  !
4 years now:  Sara and Chris !         photo/IG


2016/Aug/27                       Wedding  Party

Sara sang in a choir at her pole sister's wedding
this weekend  congratulations Anki Happonen
and to the now  husband !    photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Aug/11                                               Renovation

FLOW  Stockholm  -  the studio got a new floor !   pics/IG
And after these works are now finished, Sara takes some
days off to meet her boyfriend in Southsea (UK).


2016/Aug/07                                      TWO

Two girls, two cups & two dogs !      clip/IG
If dogs think they are human ...   photo/IG


2016/Aug/02                    Lily  &  Freja
LILY  and  FREJA  enjoying  their  evening
stroll  with  mommy  Sara  ...        photo/IG



2016/July/31              WE  Fun

Saturday  on the pole ...    clip/IG
Sunday  with the dogs ...   clip/IG


2016/July/29                                    Friends

Sometimes we drink Rosé ...    IG:  01  02  03


2016/July/27                       New  Inspirations
Sara is back from London with loads of inspirations
she just tested at the pole in Linköping ...     clip/IG

Image taken from video                                                  




London / UK    WPSC   fb  IG  YT

Sara is not performing this year - she is one of the judges !
Opening Ceremony:  presentation of the judges   video/YT


Saturday:    Opening Ceremony                                              
                     + 1st part of the preliminaries   video/ustream

Sunday:    WPSC 2016  Finals                Videos/YT:         
                     + Award Ceremonies
             01  02  03  04  05

                     Video 1 with audio:    use  proxy (US3) + 360p @ YT

Anki & Amanda  from  FLOW Stockholm  got  Bronce  in the
category "Mixed Doubles" !!   video/YT   Music by  C. Harris


2016/July/18             My  Morning  Run
Check out Sara's fitness this Monday ...     IG
Pole Dance figure:   Half Jade Split   photo/IG

July/23-24   WPSC  LIVE  from London !   IG


2016/July/16            Flower  Power
Sara on vacation in Southsea, England !

Fine weather, so best view to the coast.
Photos/IG:  01  02 (below)



2016/July/13                                  FLOW  Örebro
After having fun and training in Stockholm   CLIP/IG
Sara helt her first lesson in the 4th and new opened
Poledance studio in Örebro - congrats !      photo/IG

Twerkshop with the amazing Gal BePole    photo/IG
 ... but someone is not interested in all that !   >>   IG


2016/July/07                      WPSC  Judge
Awesome !   Sara is one of the judges @ the
WORLD POLE SPORTS Championships 2016
in London, 23-24th of July.              image/IG


2016/July/05                         Summer  Breeze

Two dogs and their mommy exploring  Sandhamn
 in the Archipelago of Stockholm ...            photo/IG


2016/July/01                              Just  Summer !

Flowers and eating watermelon on the terrace  :)
Instagram:   photo   CLIP       True ?  Please  READ


2016/June/25                                     Glad  Midsommar !
Image  below:  Happy Midsummer from Sara, Lily and Freya !
Sara's "Freestyle" moves at the pole from last week  CLIP/IG


2016/June/11                      In  Linköping
Saturday       At the vet with Freja   photo/IG

Friday    Bowling with the staff ...  IG:  01  02
after taking a look to the nice work from the
horticultural Society in Linköping     photo/IG

Thursday   4 dogs under control !   photo/IG


2016/June/07                         Grilling  Me  Softly

One day off  -  Sara grilling in the sun ... (?)   photo/IG
PUN  "Dog-tired" or  tired dog ??   photos/IG:  01  02


2016/May/27                  The  Day  Today

"Just a regular day in the office" Sara posted.
But  really only  a regular day ??      photo/IG



Close  Encounters  Of  The  Third  Kind

But Freya's attempt to contact the alien was
unfortunately without success ...       CLIP/IG


2016/May/22                                  Judging !
Czech Pole Sports Championships 2016
Winners  are  chosen  by  an  international   jury
get the opportunity to  participate  in the
 World Championships
in London,  July 23/24.

                                              Images/IG:  01  02


2016/May/19                            An  Element  Spin

Sara's Element Spin on a static pole.  cool !     CLIP/IG


2016/May/13                                              NPSC  2016

Photos from last weekend in Oslo, where Sara sat in the
jury of the  Norwegian Pole Sport Championship 2016

                                                        photos/IG:  01  02  03
FLOW  Linköping - 1 year ago             photo/IG (repost)


2016/May/06                       Interview  With  Pics

Sara's dream:  a house with big garden and near water
Read more about in the interview by  Expressen  english


2016/May/04                                       Longer  Videos

A new and longer video from the pole-mama:    CLIP/IG
Since  April it's  possible  to  upload  longer  videos  for  private
users on Instagram, the maximum now is a runtime of 60 sec.


2016/May/03         Jury  Member  In  Oslo

Sara is jury member in Oslo this weekend   info/IG
@  the  Norwegian Pole Sport Championship 2016
The competition will be held  7./8. May ...    website


2016/May/02                             Sunbathing  1.0
Weather is fine, so deck chair + feet up !    photo/IG
Below:   the new logo of  FLOW Polefitness  ...      IG



2016/May/01                      Best  Friends

Best friends forever:  Lily & Freja   photo/IG


2016/April/27          Back  In  LE

Doggy date in the park of Sara's old
home Lilla Essingen ...         photo/IG


2016/April/25                                      Pole  Judges
Sara and Aleksandra, judges of the  IPSF     photo/IG
the  Spanish  National  Championship  in  Polesport


2016/April/24                                      Sara  Olé !

Sara is in Tarragona, judging the Spanish National
Championship in Polesport.      photo/IG   facebook


2016/April/19                     The  End

A Head roll and an Arm swing finished
Sara's training today ...            CLIP/IG


2016/April/16              Dinner  For  The  Crew

Last night Sara and her crew had an amazing dinner
@ the  Beirut Café  in Stockholm   photos/IG:  01  02


2016/April/12                           Love  &  Life

The most important parts in  Sara's  life are of
course her 3 family members    IG:  01  02  03

and the fun with friends on the pole.   CLIP/IG


2016/April/03                        Meet  &  Greet
Fangroup No. 1 visited Sara in her studio FLOW
in Stockholm.   For photos and videos please
visit our extra page  Stockholm 2016  -  enjoy !

Thank you Sara for spending your time with us,
it was great to see you again after all the years !


2016/April/02                                           Relaxing

after visiting all 4 studios in the last 3 days:  IG  IG
And what should a pole girl eat at breakfast  ??  IG


2016/Mar/23                    FLOW  Örebro

Sara's 4th polefitness studio   FLOW Örebro
will open in summer, congrats !      image/IG


2016/Mar/19                                           Just  Lily !

Sara's  "first lady"  LILY  three years ago   photo/IG


2016/Mar/18                   Happy  Friday !

Tricky trick in the studio today ...    photo/IG
Below:  Sara and Freja 1 year ago   photo/IG


2016/Mar/15                                   Studio  No. 4

Open soon :  fourth FLOW studio in ... ?   photo/IG

2016/Mar/14                 Back  In  The  Studio

... after a week absent through sickness   photo/IG


2016/Mar/09                    Good  Night  !
One Heart, One Soul :
Freja & Lily


2016/Mar/02                        Pole  Theatre  Scandinavia

New host, new city   Sometimes Pole Studio  in Oslo   image/IG
and the very first spectators they'll watch at home:   photo/IG

Pole  Instructor  Double   Sara  &  Emma     photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Feb/24                                Spin  Combo  L 5
Sara's spinny combo from last night's class in level 5 !
                                                Image taken from  CLIP/IG


2016/Feb/23                          Wuff  !

NEW  secretary  @  FLOW  helps  Sara
at the paper- and pc work    photo/IG


2016/Feb/19                              That  Is  Love !

GRATTIS !  After 3,5 years together, the long wait
has come to an end: Sara's boyfriend Chris got his
permanent residence permit today, valid till 2021 !

And so the card looks like:  image/IG


2016/Feb/17                            Freja  &  Lily

Sara's dogs like it to walk in the snow and sun
... and cuddles of course !   photos/IG:  01  02

2016/Feb/17         Spin  Combos
Two new clips from last night's class
 in Stockholm         IG:   CLIP 1   CLIP 2

Image taken from CLIP


2016/Feb/15     Pole  Theatre  Scandinavia
Release:  1st of March  -  so stay tuned !    image/IG

2016/Feb/14        Happy  Valentine's  Day !
 from Sara to all followers on Instagram    photo/IG

2016/Feb/13                       FLOW  Polefitness
Spin  Chopper  &  Static  Combo  ...     CLIP   CLIP


2016/Feb/07                    Tilt, Angle  &  Grip
Tilt, angle and grip Sara shows in the new   CLIP/IG
                                                    Image taken from video


Fun  Day  &  Fun  Night

Little family day  with niece Vera ...  photo/IG
Pole Monkies @ Friday night y'day   photo/IG
plus an elegant spin round the pole    CLIP/IG


2016/Feb/04                                 Combo  No.2

Another combo by Sara,  check it out !    CLIP/IG


2016/Feb/03                            A  New  Combo

A new combo from last night's class ...    CLIP/IG
And Sara is so proud of all her  students    ... they
show much talent what isn't a wonder if they got
taught by an instructor like our talented Sara !  ;)

Image taken from Sara's video                                     


2016/Jan/30                                   Transitions

Sara tried and trained some different transitions
in her studio in Stockholm today ...        CLIP/IG

Image taken from Sara's video                                   


2016/Jan/16                       Paperwork

all day writes Sara while she hopes to see
her sister's kids tomorrow ...      photo/IG


2016/Jan/10                         On  Cloud  No. 9

Sara celebrates life, love & the future !   photo/IG


2016/Jan/07                          Pole  Double

Sara Lumholdt  &  Minna Forssberg   CLIP/IG


2016/Jan/04                             Training  2016

3rd of January 2016. Now it can only get better !
says Sara today on her Insta ...     photos:  01  02


  Happy  New  Year !
Dinner party with friends last night ...
Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04     Dec/31

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