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     2018/Aug/25         Wedding - lots of  photos  
    Congratulations !   Sara & Chris got married !



Swedish Championships in Pole 2018
Stockholm,  Fryshuset                     promo  VIDEO

Sara & her FLOW team trains and coaches some of the  participants
For more info please visit



Pole  Theatre  Scandinavia  2018                                           TICKETS
Stockholm,  INTIMAN  theatre               Tell your story ...      VIDEO    info/IG

Pole Art, Pole Drama, Pole Comedy, Pole Classique ...         Pole Theatre
allows you
to tell your story and create a masterpiece on a nice stage
For more info please visit   facebook   IG   VIMEO

Opening act   " The  Peepshow  Freak  Show "  IG   VIDEO    videos
                                        created by  Brandon Grimm



Goodbye  2018  !

Photo collage:  Sara's "best nine 2018"   photos/IG
Sara's  annual review  you can find in her  IG  Stories


2018/Dec/10    End  Of  Vacation

Back again from Spain ...   photo/IG
Playa del Pozo   Beach walk   IG
Wedding  photography   IG


2018/Nov/30                                            Lanzarote
Sara  and  Chris  are  on  vacation  in    Puerto  Calero

on  the  beautiful  Canary  Island  Lanzarote  ...      IG

Sara in her breathtaking wedding dress  (25.08.2018)
She want to wear it again,  maybe in 10 years,  or on
the Charity ball "Aisle do it again"  in April   


Flowers,  Cake  &  Love

Wedding photography   IG:  01  02  03  04
and a new home and adventure soon !   IG

Nov/18     Breakfast  @  Santosha  in Palma   IG
Sara's wedding dress  ... take a look   photo/IG


2018/Nov/17           Olé  España  !
Sara & Chris  spend a few days on the
Balearic island of Mallorca
   IG:  01  02

Wedding album    Photos   IG:  01  02


2018/Nov/12                              FREJA  &  LILY

Visit Sara's two cute  Welsh  Springer  Spaniels  and
follow  Freja & Lily  on their new instagram account



2018/Nov/07                    Workshops
5 days ago,                                                 
Sara gave two workshops in Sweden
@  Uppsala Danscenter    2 photos/IG

Nov/06   Sara sells her apartment ...  IG
Nov/01   Wedding photography ...  IG


2018/Oct/26                            The  New  Look



Happy  34.  Birthday  Sara  !

"I can't wait to see what next year will bring"   IG

Wherever you spend your special day dear Sara,
we wish you a wonderful and special day
with sunshine and much joy in your heart !

Health, happiness and a lot of success in all things
you do in future ... and that your greatest wish
will come true soon !
   Congratulations !



Wedding  Photography

Sara about her wedding photographer and tips
how to get the best pics ...   BLOG     IG:  01  02


2018/Oct/16                        The  Bridal  Bouquet
Two more photos from the wedding @  IG:  01  02

Oct/15   16 km run  Eastney Beach, Southsea, UK   IG
Oct/14   Cool shot of Sara's husband Chris   IG


Happy  Birthday  Chris !

Sara's husband turned  30  today   IG
H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y    !

2018/Oct/11                           Flashback
Wedding Dress   The first look ...     CLIP/IG
Honeymoon   Missing Mauritius    photo/IG

Sept/26     The  Wedding  KISS    photo/IG


2018/Sept/18                       Wedding  Dress
Sara's  Wedding    Preparations  Step 1   read more
Beautiful Sara in her amazing wedding dress   IG

Sept/17      Visiting family and friends in Sweden
                     At a friend's wedding ...  7 photos/IG


2018/Sept/14           Wedding  Venue
How  Sara & Chris  have found the location
for the wedding celebration ...      read more

Sept/13   Monday is movie time   read more
Sara's  Wedding    The proposal   read more


WELCOME  on  Sara's  new  BLOG
"LIVE, LOVE & LEARN"    read more

First surprise !                                                          
Sara has stepped down from  FLOW  Polefitness
and is no longer part of the company   read more


2018/Sept/12                      Back  In  England
Unfortunately ... the honeymoon on Mauritius is over !
Sara and Chris have returned to Southsea and posted
some more of the wedding recordings ...    CLI
P   photo


2018/Sept/04                         Honeymoon

First photos  from Mauritius ...        IG:  01  02
+ one more from the wedding ceremony   IG


2018/Sept/01                                          Mauritius
LUX* Grand Gaube   The 5* hotel and luxury resort
Sara & Chris have chosen - two image films:  v1  v2

Sara's  wedding dress  (photo)  is from  MORILEE
And some more pics of the wedding:  10 more/IG


Honeymoon  On  Mauritius

Tomorrow  Sara and Chris will leave Sweden to enjoy
their honeymoon on the island Mauritius !   photo/IG
Grand  Gaube  is a quiet fishing village in the north and
with its white beaches a paradise on the Indian Ocean

Some more wedding pics:
01  02  03   Article on  Expressen


Wedding  Pictures

Some more pics of  Sara & Chris'  big day yesterday,
started with a  pre-wedding lunch   with the bride's
closest girls before she was  made-up  by her stylist
who also sang two songs at the ceremony and hej,
also Josh Skinner from Los Angeles was invited and
part of the celebration ...         #noblelumholdt2018

Photos/IG:  01  02-05  06-08  09  10  11-20  21  22
                                        The later the eve ...  23  24  25



    liebe-0289.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

  hochzeit-0047.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

    hochzeit-0068.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

hochzeit-0039.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

silvester-0041.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand
     Högberga Gård

2018  ~  August  ~  25


liebe-0319.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand   hochzeit-0022.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

the best wishes
for your wedding
further life together !

      brautpaare-0005.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand
   Together forever     
     and never apart,    
  maybe by distance   
( GB <---> SE )       
 but never by heart !  


hochzeit-0047.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

  02  03         
  4 - 6   7+8         
autos-0003.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

hochzeit-0014.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand
hochzeit-0051.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand
& Highlights 

    liebe-0289.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand


Wedding  Preparations

A photo from tonight's rehearsal dinner and what
happened before is up on Sara's Insta  highlights !

       SARA' S   INSTAGRAM       


2018/Aug/21                       Only  4  Days  !

Only 4 days until Sara & Chris will say  YES    IG
The celebration will be held in Lidingö, Sweden
                                                     Högberga Gård


Wedding  Countdown

Only  15 days  left until Sara's big day !   IG
Aug/04     3 weeks  until the wedding !   IG


2018/July/25                                           Hen  Do

Sara's pre-wedding party weekend four days ago
Here we go with some more photos @ IG:  01-10


2018/July/22                                     Hen  Do

!!  Sara's  pre-wedding  this  weekend  !!
Pics / clips by friends @  IG :  01-04   05-10   11


2018/July/01            25th  August

Only 55 days until the wedding !!   IG


2018/June/26                     Greek  Beauty  ?
Last week on Crete ...    photo/IG


Happy  Midsummer  !

Sara's free-style and        
   midsummer performance   CLIP/IG*

Amazing week  with sister Anna and children
         on Crete
  (Greece)          9 pics + clip / IG

* Image taken from the clip above     


2018/June/15                  Crete  -  Greece
Sara enjoys some days on the island of Crete,
Ocean Beach Club  Makrigialos  IG     photo/IG
Makry Gialos is located in the South-East
of Crete and means  "Long Beach"    wiki

Birth Control   Sara about  Natural Cyclus   IG


The  Peepshow  Freak  Show
                    created by  Brandon Grimm
was the opening act of
Pole Theatre Scandinavia
in Stockholm, May 26th

  VIDEO   full length, enjoy !   IG   


Public  Notice

 Chris  &  Sara 


 2018/May/31                                    Street  Pole
Summer  in the city,                                        
                   Pole Dance  in the park !   clip/IG

Image taken from the clip                                             


2018/May/30                            Pole  Theatre  2018

The show is over, and it was a great experience for Sara,
who hosted and organized the complete competition for
the first time on her own ... compliments !   
3 photos/IG

A little video of Sara's dance choreo at the pole    clip/IG
she has worked out in the workshop of Brandon Grimm,
an US national pole champion. Looks great Sara, bravo !


2018/May/15                                     Pole  Theatre

In less than two weeks you can see a freaky opening
show  Pole  Theatre  Scandinavia !    IG:  03  02  01



Hair  &  Shoes

Sara at the hairstylist in Portsmouth
photos/IG:  01   3 pics   5 pics

 FLOW Shop 
is now an authorized reseller  IG
of  Pleaser  shoes  (Exotic Dancing)



2018/Apr/23                FLOW  Linköping

SARA  Freestyle dancing session in Linköping
Image taken from the  CLIP/IG   


2018/Apr/14                                     New  Tricks

Back at the pole in Southampton UK   2 photos/IG
Sara asks ...   And what's your favorite quote ?  IG


2018/Apr/06             Always  Very  Busy

So what you want Sara to post ??    photo/IG
Pole Theatre 2018  Tickets  are now available !


2018/Mar/17                                Pole  SM

Review  to the championships last weekend,
with lots of pics on Sara's Insta  5 images/IG


Swedish  Championships  in  Pole  2018

Unfortunately,  Sara has not posted about the
Championships on her instagram, but we still found
some pics on others instead:  01
  02  03  04  05  06


Happy  Valentine's  Day  !

Sara's Valentine performance for all fans   clip/IG
Wedding info   The countdown has started !    IG




Judgeteam  Sweden

@  yesterday's
Pole Sports Competition
in Finland

3 photos/IG


Congratulations !

 I P S F
Level 2 Judges



Judging  In  Finland
Sara is in Hyvinkää, Finland - invited to judge the
Finnish Pole Sports Championship ...      photo/IG

The house the organizer provided
to the jury - stunning !    7 pics/IG


2018/Feb/04                           Wedding  Info
Congratulations !
The date of the wedding seems to be fixed now:
Sara & Chris have chosen August 25, 2018.    IG

We hope for a sunny and happy day !


2018/Jan/29              Pole  Theatre
Application deadline:  Jan/31 !   info/IG
Jan/27   Fitness:  Nightrun at -2°C   IG


2018/Jan/19                                Flow  Power
FLOW Linköping   Sara is back teaching students
and showing fun transitions like in this   video/IG

Jan/12   Today and exactly a year ago  image/IG


2018/Jan/10                               New  Rooms
FLOW  Linköping  is soon moving in new rooms !
Yesterday  was the key handover and time for a
first look into the new studio.     IG:  image  video

Sara's new record:  10 km run at - 2° C  in ...  IG
Jan/08   Pole double - training & fun   photo/IG


2018/Jan/07      Pole  Theatre  2018
Pole Theatre Scandinavia    Apply now and
tell your story on May 26 in Stockholm  IG

Successful  winter boot camp  2 photos/IG



Happy New Year !


WELCOME   2018

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