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2019/July/19                                                        Reviews

2012    Seven years ago, Sara and Chris met in Marstrand
2018    Six years later  they got married !  :)   2 pics/IG   IG


2019/Mar/24          The  New  Home
Sara's new home  -  posted on IG  stories


2019/Feb/11             Makeover  ?

When will Sara be back online ...  and
with which hairstyle ?   She's missing
her long curly hair like on the   pic/IG


2019/Jan/29       Gibbs  Hill  Lighthouse

Bermudas, two years ago:  Chris asked Sara to
marry him ...   and Sara said " Yes ! "   photo/IG


2019/Jan/03                            Welshie  Friends

New home, new friends    Sara's dogs Lily and Freja
discover the playground in Portchester ...    CLIP/IG


Happy New Year !

"2019  I'm ready for you !"            photo/IG


WELCOME   2019

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