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1st  Wedding  Anniversary

Congratulations to Sara and Chris, who enjoyed
their first wedding anniversary (25.08.2019)
in London yesterday ...          photo/IG


2019/Aug/18                           Summer  Update

Since  March  Sara  lives with husband Chris and her
two dogs Lily and Freja in  Portchester,  England.
And if the information is correct, since May Sara has
been working
as  Event Operations Manager  at the
Yachting Association  RYA  in  Hamble-le-Rice,
ca. 12 km (crow) far away from home ....   photo/IG


2019/July/19                                                        Reviews

2012    Seven years ago, Sara and Chris met in Marstrand
2018    Six years later  they got married !  :)   2 pics/IG   IG


2019/Mar/24          The  New  Home
Sara's new home  -  posted on IG  stories


2019/Feb/11             Makeover  ?

When will Sara be back online ...  and
with which hairstyle ?   She's missing
her long curly hair like on the   pic/IG


2019/Jan/29       Gibbs  Hill  Lighthouse

Bermudas, two years ago:  Chris asked Sara to
marry him ...   and Sara said " Yes ! "   photo/IG


2019/Jan/03                            Welshie  Friends

New home, new friends    Sara's dogs Lily and Freja
discover the playground in Portchester ...    CLIP/IG


Happy New Year !

"2019  I'm ready for you !"            photo/IG


WELCOME   2019

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