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The  Turn  Of  The  Year
Happy  Birthday  Loa  Margit  !

Loa Margit turns 1 year today,     photo/IG
... so all the best for this little sweetheart !
And of course,  is celebrated in Reykjavik !

2016/Dec/24               Merry  Christmas  !

Photos for the family album ...    IG:  01  02  03


2016/Dec/20                        Action !

Packing ... and Unpacking     photo/IG
Walking around the house   photo/IG
Beautiful winter landscape   photo/IG


2016/Dec/09                                           Cheeeeese !
Family photo:  Unnur, Amit and Loa in the woods ...  IG


2016/Dec/04          Morning  Conversation
Who's on the telephone ?   photo/IG  //  CLIP/IG
TELEPHONE  MUSIC TIP                                                


2016/Nov/27                 Christmas  Preparations

Family Paul on shopping tour @ NK   photos/IG:  01  02
5 days ago    Loa is getting ready for the day   photo/IG


2016/Nov/18                   That's  Me,  Loa !

Refreshment and energizer needed     photo/IG
after yesterday's effort, believe me !      CLIP/IG


2016/Nov/14              Piano  Lesson
Amit sings for Loa Margit and shows his
daughter how to play the piano   clip/IG

Image taken from Unnur's clip above           


2016/Nov/09                         Snowed  In  !

White Garden / Fun in the Snow    IG:  01  02


2016/Nov/02                         The  First  Snow  !

In Amit's front garden lies the first snow   photo/IG


2016 / Oct / 29                                                                   

                      dear  Amit  !

We wish you all the best to your 33 rd, Health, Success
Fun, Joy, Happiness  ...  and  a  wonderful  Birth-DAY  !!



Happy  Birthday  Mum !

Yummie yummie !  Banana pancakes !
Happy  Birthday  Unnur  !     photo/IG


2016/Oct/19           Father  &  Daughter

Amit plays guitar and is singing to ...    CLIP/IG
"Look !  I can stand without help !"   photo/IG


2016/Oct/11                                        Autumn - Fall

Autumn !   photo/IG     People say the days are getting
shorter and the nights longer ... really ??    photo/IG  ;)


2016/Sept/29                       Blood  Mountain

Amit enjoys the  Blood Montain  and walks on the
Appalachian trail in Georgia/USA.   IG:  01  02  03


2016/Sept/25                 Soon  9  Months  Old

Amit with Loa Margit on the playground   photo/IG
... and look how fast the time is running:     CLIP/IG


2016/Sept/11                                  Sunday  Excursion

Kärsön - Ekerö  worth a visit - just check it out !    photo/IG
Aug/31  Loa Margit 8 months old !   IG:  01  02  03  04  05


2016/Aug/28                               Gotland
Because of a wedding spends Amit with
his family a few sunny days on  Gotland.

Photos/IG:  01  02  03                              
                              Amit and daughter Loa Margit         


2016/Aug/23                   #AmitGoesBlonde

Funny guest comment to this Instagram  photo !
Last photos from vacation in Iceland:  01  02  03


2016/Aug/06        Icelandic  Summer

Happy Holidays 3       IG:  01  02  03  04  05

2016/Aug/02                                  Iceland

Happy Holidays 2       IG:  01  02  03  04  05

2016/July/30            Happy  Holidays  !

Summer in Iceland     IG:  01  02  03  04  05


2016/July/25             Bathing  Allowed !

Bathing Day @ the lake      photos/IG:  01  02


2016/July/16                  Sister's  Wedding
Amit's sister Mandira is getting married today !
IG :  08  07  06  05  04  03  02  01   #mandirarene


2016/July/14       4th  Wedding  Anniversary
CONGRATULATIONS !                                                                    
Amit & Unnur are married 4 years now !   IG:  01  02
The 1st "result" of this love you can see here  03  04


2016/June/27                            CHEEEEESE !

Ha Ha Happy !     The laughing family   photo/IG

2016/June/25                            Midsommar !

Little Loa enjoys her first midsummer  photo/IG

2016/June/24                  Midsommarafton

Ready for tomorrow's Midsummer celebration !
Photo/IG  by Amit's wife Unnur     More:  02  03


2016/June/17       Home,  Sweet  Home

Leavin' old home to move into a new one with
Unnur and daughter Loa they enjoy the short

Icelandic summer nights.     IG:  01  02  03  04


2016/June/12                                 Mirror  Image

Loa has to stay the morning with Amit   photo/IG
while Unnur shows presence the 3rd and last day of
the exhibition @  So Gallery      IG:  01  02  03  04


2016/May/25                                                   Selfies  ??

Loa Margit's 1st selfie  ... with stick of course !   pic/IG
Right said: she's about to conquer the world !


2016/May/19                                " Dr.  House "

Amit works at the new home - photo by Unnur  IG


2016/May/15             Illustrated  Science

The latest from Amit & Unnur's 4,5 months old
daughter Loa Margit ...   photos/IG:  01  02  03


A  Walk  In  The  Woods
Amit and family explores the forest  photo/IG


2016/April/30        The  First  Time
Amit's daughter  Loa  Margit  meets her
96(!) years old Great-Grandma Margit !
Photos/IG:  01  02       other:  photo/IG


2016/April/22                       Signed  &  Sealed
Soon Amit's family will move into a new home, but
what Loa Margit says to that ??       IG:  01  02  03

R I P   Prince  died yesterday ...     :(
Amit  and also  Marie  posted about


2016/April/12                           Sleeping
Another cute pic of Loa Margit  photo/IG

Unnur's next exhibition  of her paintings
takes place in Kungsträdgården's gallery
June 10th-12th.                          image/IG


2016/April/09                              Saturday
A family walk during the day  (photo below)
and later Amit took the guitar to sing a little
lullaby for his daughter ...                  CLIP/IG

Photo/IG  by  UnnurArt                                  


2016/April/06          Holes  In  The  Bone

The latest X-ray image of Amit's leg.  photo/IG
About the holes in his bone he don't need to
worry any more.   Photo from Loa Margit @ IG


2016/Mar/31                         At  Home  Again !

Amit & family are back from Florida ...    IG:  01  02


2016/Mar/26                                               Celebration

We are family !   Amit with wife and daughter    photo/IG
in the town that was built by Disney   wikipedia   video/YT


2016/Mar/22           "Florida  Vice"

Undercover Cop Loa Margit    photo/IG


2016/Mar/20                                          Guitar  Men

Family pure:   Amit and his father in law let the strings
sound on the guitars,  and little Loa Margit enjoys the
affection of her grandma.          photos/IG:  01  02  03

Thanks Unnur for the photos !                                            


2016/Mar/16                 Holiday  In  Florida

Amit with family in Orlando     photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Mar/05                                            Loa  Margit

1st friendship / Mama's painting     photos/IG:  01  02

2016/Mar/02                                           Loa  Margit

in color ... plus a selfie from Amit    photos/IG:  01  02


2016/Feb/29                       Loa  Margit

Amit's daughter has a name:  Loa Margit !
A second photo with the complete family
you can find in the facebook group  HERE

Photo/IG (by Unnur)                                     


2016/Feb/22                                               Florida ?

It looks like that Amit's wife Unnur and his daughter
will visit Florida in March. Speculation, but we assume
that Amit will accompany them ...  ;)           photo/IG


2016/Feb/19                     Orthopedics

Amit in the orthopedics, after a further surgery on his leg
that he severely injured 12 months ago in a skiing accident.
Today probably the last nails and metal plates were removed
and Amit awaits coffee and what the doctor's judgement.
So in six weeks Amit should be fully recovered again.
All the best Amit !                          photo/IG


2016/Feb/10                                   Moments  2

One more cute pic of Amit's daughter    photo/IG


2016/Jan/31                                         Moments

Amit's daughter & wife this morning ...   photo/IG


2016/Jan/17                Family  Walk

...  on a beautiful winter day    photo/IG


2016/Jan/12                                           Happy  Sister

Congratulations to Amit's sister  Mandira,  who has just
made her  doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D)   photo/IG (m)
as a Researcher PHD student in International Women's Health
at the
University in Uppsala, department of Women's and
Children's Health. Read more about Mandira's work @


2016/Jan/10              Little  Handshake  Test

FEELINGS   between Mum & daughter   photo/IG


2016/Jan/08            Online  Article
about Amit's babyluck @

The article says Marie has congratulate her ex-bandmate
Amit via her facebook page which is shown in the video
above the article.  BUT THIS IS NOT TRUE !!  The shown
facebook page is a fanpage and the fan and author behind
has only shared the baby photo from another fanpage
where the photo is up:  A-TEENSonline
So it's not Marie who has congratulated
and it's not Marie's facebook page !


2016/Jan/07      Online  Photo

1st pic of Amit's daughter is online
and up on facebook now ...   HERE



Hurray,  A  Girl !

Amit & Unnur have become parents
... shortly before midnight on  NYE !

geburt-0028.gif from Download & Greeting Card

Congratulations Unnur & Amit
to the birth of your daughter !

* 31.12.2015 - 23:52 CET

We hope you three are happy and ok
and that we can see a 1st pic soon  :)

And congrats to the proudest aunt on earth,
Amit's sister  Mandira  who posted about the
happy event yesterday evening on facebook.


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