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2015/Dec/31                                    IT'S  A  GIRL !

The watches in Sweden show just before midnight,
outside starts the fireworks for the new year, as at
23:52 Amit's wife Unnur gives birth to a daughter !
So Welcome on earth little girl  and congratulations
to the new parents !       Follow - see you in  2016 !


2015/Dec/29                                Winter  Walk
Amit and Unnur enjoy the snow and a walk in the
park @ 
Drottingholm Palace     photos/IG:  01  02

   Amit  @


2015/Dec/23           Amit  In  Da  Bus
Image by Amit's wife Unnur        photo/IG


2015/Dec/12              Christmas  Party
Funniest Christmas choir ever !!    photo/IG

ART   Unnur's Christmas cards you can buy
and order @  ROSA STHLM   IG:  01  02  03


2015/Nov/22                      Home  Bakery

It smells like Christmas at home ...   photo/IG


2015/Nov/05               Points  &  Facts

CHILDBIRTH     Soon it's time !    photo/IG


2015/Nov/03                       LAUNCH Nordic

LAUNCH Nordic  event:                                       
NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman, Amit  Paxymer
and two more innovators share new ideas and
technologies around materials innovations .....
Photos/IG+Twitter:  01  02  03  04  05   VIDEO


2015/Oct/31                          Happy  Halloween
Amit & Unnur    Halloween, fall walk & Afternoon Tea
@ Häringe Castle    photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05  06

Note !  Sweden is a child-friendly country  :)                      




Amit  turns  32  today  !

free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at

free glitter text and family website at
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Photos:  above  by UnnurArt  +  another one  on Amit's IG
animated-flower-image-0011 animated-flower-image-0077 animated-flower-image-0013


2015/Oct/01           Soon  Mama  &  Papa

Amit and Unnur soon will be parents:   photo/IG
CONRATULATIONS again !  Check also Aug/23 !


2015/Sept/23                            Nöjesguiden

Article with interview about Amit and his career
in the Swedish newspaper "Nöjesguiden"
  article   english    pic/IG


2015/Sept/20                                 Sheep  Herding

Yesterday   Amit helped collecting sheeps on a friend's
farm in Iceland  photo/IG  ... and prompt found a new
4-legged friend: 
                                              Extreme Herding  video/YT

Photo/IG  (by Unnurart)                                                     


2015/Sept/18                              Charity  Concert

CLIP   from Amit's performence yesterday:   CLIP/IG
Credit to Unnur for recording and posting it, thanks !


2015/Sept/17                             Parkinson  Association

Charity Concert  -  20:00  -  Reykjavik / Iceland   infos/english

The concert included many of the brightest stars in the world
of music in Iceland. Beside other,
Amit will perform with the
octett "Einn Tvöfaldur" (One Double),
which is composed
of members of the men's choir "Fóstbræðra".

  Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04


2015/Sept/08           Unnur  &  Amit

Polaroid  photo  on  Unnur's  Instagram


2015/Aug/23                    Soon  Parents

! !    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S   ! !

Not offically confirmd yet, but Unnur & Amit
soon become "Mum & Dad" like you can see
on the IG-photo below - taken yesterday at
Unnur's exhibition in Reykjavik ...   photo/IG


2015/Aug/22                           Proud  Husband

Amit is so proud of his wife Unnur !  She's an artist
and has an exhibition today in Reykjavik / Iceland:
"Döfnun" ("Faded")  by Unnur Yrr  @ Galleri Fold

Instagram:  01  02  03    facebook:  01  02  03  04


2015/Aug/17                       X-Rayed  Legs

Amit's leg is healthy again and fully loadable (!)
says the doc after inspecting the  X-ray image
that Amit has posted on his Instagram today.

So we hope to see you  running  soon again ! 



Amit and his Bengali bride

Three years married:  Amit & his wife Unnur from
Iceland  -  time to take a look back ...     photo/IG


2015/August/02                            Bye  Iceland  !

Back to Stockholm today  ...  and the last pictures of
the beautiful Iceland.  Photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05


2015/July/25                        Little  Songwriting

Iceland    Amit uses the time when Unnur is working
and writes on new songs.              photos/IG:  01  02

2015/July/23           Explore  Iceland

Follow Amit and Unnur, who currently works
in Iceland.        photos/IG:  01  02  03  04  05


2015/July/21         Wedding  In  Iceland

Last weekend Amit helped at the preparations
for the wedding of Mario & Eva ...     #ariogeva
                                          Photos/IG:  01  02  03

Remember to Amit & Unnur's wedding ?   IG


2015/July/18            Vacation  In  Iceland

Destination  in  Iceland  reached ...        photo/IG

2015/July/16                   Stopover  In  Oslo

Amit has just landed at  Oslo airport     photo/IG
and remembers very well to the last time he was
there and had to sit in a wheelchair,  because of
the terrible ski accident in February.   Right now
Amit is on the way to Iceland and his wife Unnur
who is currently working there ...          photo/IG


2015/July/02                      Three  Screws  Less

Amit got three more screws out of his leg now. After
the surgery he enjoyed the post-op coffee you'll get
= christmas for the circulatory system !       photo/IG


2015/June/27                  Pizza  á  la  Amit

A pity that the result was not posted !
Photo by Amit's wife:   UnnurArt @ IG



2015/June/19-20               Happy  Midsummer !

Midsummer preparations - good job Amit !   photo/IG
Photos  by Amit's wife Unnur:   01  02  03  04  05  06


2015/June/17                               Cool  Pool

In Iceland       Amit took a bath outside in the
country ... his wife Unnur took this   photo/IG


2015/June/11                                           Cut  Me  Open

"Cut Me Open"  by Moccasin  -  listen now  @  soundcloud


2015/June/06                                Moccasin  was  3rd  !

Moccasin  reached the 3rd place at the Swedish  Final #1
of the Emergenza Festival last night !  Congratulations  !!!

Photos/IG:  01  02  03             other:  01  02

Photo  below was taken by Amit's wife Unnur, 2nd one  here


2015/June/05                                    MOCCASIN  LIVE  !

MOCCASIN  LIVE   22:20  @  Debaser Medis / Stockholm

Amit  and his bandmates will rock you at the Swedish finals
of  EMERGENZA  -  the biggest festival for unsigned bands !

Ticket  infos  @  facebook     website         IG:  01  02  03  04


2015/May/29                                   Gislaved  Big  Band

Yesterday Amit had the pleasure to sing with the
"Gislaved Big Band" on the staff party "Kicking Tires 2015"
of the  Affärsracet,  the "Race for Business" industry expo,
held  May/27-28  at the  Anderstorp Raceway  in Sweden.

Photo:   Amit/IG                                                         


2015/May/25             Questions  to  Amit

Amit interview:    Please leave your question(s)
to Amit on his official facebook fanpage 


2015/May/14                                MOCCASIN

Amit   is now member of the band  Moccasin
- a Swedish pop/rock quintet,  founded in late
2014 in Stockholm.
  CLIP         website  fb  IG  YT

LIVE  Swedish finals of  EMERGENZA  festival -
the world's biggest festival for unsigned bands
June/05  @ Debaser Medis / Sthlm   INFO  fb  IG



2015/May/01                Valborg  Bonfire

Not only a Swedish tradition to welcome the
spring with a fire and a little fest ...  photo/IG


2015/Apr/21-24                      Elmia  Polymer

Amit @ the Elmia Polymer, Scandinavian's largest
trade fair focusing exclusively on the plastics and

rubber industry, held in Jönköping/Sweden.  web
We assume that Amit has exhibited for   Paxymer
and enjoyed his stay there.
     photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Apr/12                            Outfit  1912

Friend's b-day, Amit & Unnur in Titanic-look !
" Thanks for a better party ! "          photo/IG


2015/Apr/01                               April  April  ??

No !  It does not sounds like a joke what Amit
has posted on his insta:    " ... jumping around
without crutches outdoors for the first time  "

Time to celebrate with wife and Pizza !    photo/IG
2 days ago  Amit was a great assistant   photo/IG


2015/Mar/28                                          Video  Interview

Sara, Amit and Dhani visited Marie yesterday at  Let's  Dance
where the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet took the chance
to ask the 4 ex-colleagues if  something exciting is coming ?
video + photos


2015/Mar/27                         Let's  Dance

Amit and his wife Unnur visited the TV show
Let's  Dance  with Sara and Dhani tonight to
support  Marie !                 photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Mar/22                                              Award  Won  !

Amit  won the best pitch award of the  Nordic Cleantech 25
today, held in Trolleholm Castle near Malmö. Photos:  01  02
Congratulations  to Amit and !

And that was why Amit couldn't participate at the meeting
with  Sara,  Marie  and  Dhani  today in Stockholm.  (photo)

But like Marie posted, he was with them via  FaceTime app.


2015/Mar/14                                                Walking

It's nice to know that Amit makes progress, but he
has to go with crutches for some time.   IG:  01  02

All the best, that it will become better day by day !


2015/Mar/06                                   The  Ski  Accident

Amit had a terrible ski accident in Norway two weeks ago,
so today he let us know the details and how it happened:

"I was skiing in poor visibility and then came over a small edge.
As a I charged forward my skis got stuck in a hole and I
continued forward as my skis completely stopped. I broke
both bones in my right leg about 10 cm under the edge of my
ski boot. I was operated in Norway two weeks ago and now
I am going thorough rehabilitation which I will most likely be
doing for the next 9-12 months. I am in good spirits though
and focused on getting back fully. It was terribly painful
but the doctors were happy about the operation
and says I should be able of recover fully."

Thank you Amit for the details about your accident,
we all cross our fingers for you now, that you'll come
back soon ... and fully recovered of course !

Cheer up Amit, it will become fine again soon !  ;)



Leg  Broken !

OMG !  What happened ?
Amit has broken his leg !
How could that happen ?

Get well soon Amit !
!!  Best wishes  !!



2015/Feb/14                           Happy  Valentine !

Unnur & Amit ... what a perfect match !       photo/IG


2015/Feb/07                                 African  Dance

Amit is proud of his sister !  And his wife Unnur wish
she could dance like Mandira ...      IG:   photo   CLIP


2015/Jan/31                                      Adam  Tensta

Amit visited Rapper Tensta's presentation in the café
Sixten & Frans  in Stockholm.         photos:
  01  02  03


2015/Jan/27                    Kingsman  Premiére

Amit and his wife Unnur          photos/IG:  01  02  03


2015/Jan/11                                          Welcome  Back  !

Stockholm, Airport:  Amit waiting for his baggage   photo/IG


2015/Jan/08                                               On  Vacacions

Skiing in Switzerland:  Amit enjoys the snowy mountains in
Engelberg  and has found a new friend.
  photos/IG:  01  02


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