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2014/Dec/25                                                       God  Jul  !

Today morning Amit and his family went to the church for
matins. They needed lights, 'cause it was dark:  
You can leave a Christmas greeting on Amit's   fb fanpage,
we're sure he'll read it and probably post anything back !?


2014/Dec/09               Amit  in  Germany !

He has photographed Cologne's Cathedral:  IG


2014/Dec/05                            Amit  meets  A*Base

Generation Novels and A*Base meets A*TEENS

Sara and Parisa bridge generational boundaries when
they let Amit from A-Teens coach Ace of Base tribute
band A-Base,
and discusses generational novels by
authors Karolina Ramqvist & Lyra Ekstrom
Sveriges Radio P3 / PP3   LISTEN  IG    A*BASE  FB  IG

What can A-Base learn from A-Teens ?
Amit Paul will share his life wisdoms  @ SR   IG

Today we have a brand new band in the studio. Or new
old you might say. They called A*Base and make new
songs of old Ace of Base-tunes. So what A*Teens did
with ABBA songs around the millennium. So of course
we fixed up a date between A*Base and senior Amit
Paul from A*Teens.
   Sveriges Radio P3 / PP3   LISTEN


2014/Nov/28             A*TEENS  Reunion  2014.2

Yesterday  Sara, Marie, Amit  and  Dhani  met up with
their Ex-manager  Anders  and Ex-person in charge and
bodyguard  Stefan  @ Nosh and Chow  in Stockholm !

PICS:  A/IG  A/f1  A/f2  S/IG  D/IG   M/IG (b)  M/BLOG  St/f


2014/Nov/22                 Interview  with  Amit

Marina asked Amit about his future plans, new song
song releases and the co-work with Helgi and Arni
from Iceland for the current album "Crossroads"

The complete interview you can read
on Amit's facebook fanpage ...


2014/Nov/13            Greets  from  Stockholm !

Check out Amit's facebook fanpage today, Marina has
posted the surprise she has found in her postbox   ffp


2014/Nov/09                               Please  Help  &  Vote  !

Please help Amit to get up the song he's currently performing
in Iceland:  "Can I Have A Moment"  -  3 steps only,  thanks  !

Amit's request  and the needed infos can be found on his   ffp


2014/Oct/29             Amit turns  31  today !    IG

we wish you all the best to your  31st  birthday !
Have luck whenever you need it and stay healthy,
have much success in job and life, and always one
more guardian angel more around than needed !
Enjoy your day today with family and friends, have
fun around the clock and just stay as you are !

Have a great day now,   
the very best from your fans !



2014/October/22                            The  Surprise  !

Amit surprised us with  Marie & Dhani  in a café !
Surprise succeeded,  Fangroup No.1 speechless !

Check out  Amit's  PIC  on IG  and our  EXTRA  page !


2014/Sept/27                             CROSSROADS

New album by  Helgi Julius               infos/order
feat.  Amit Paul  and other ...

Beside the song  "Can I Have A Moment"  LYRICS
      Amit also sing  "When You Found Me"  LYRICS

Both songs are written by Amit & his wife Unnur

Foto: Crossroads - Helgi Julius



>>>>    Can I Have A Moment    <<<<

A new song Amit has recorded together
with his father in law:  Helgi Júlíus Oskarsson

Pre-listen  Can I Have A Moment  on
or listen the full song at  Spotify  and get more
infos about on Amit´s facebook  fanpage

A short interview with Amit will follow soon !


2014/June/30                    A*TEENS  Guy´s  Reunion

Two guys from  L.A. visiting two guys in Stockholm
"Chucky"  (A*TEENS choreographer and dancer)
and  Christian  (A*TEENS dancer)  met up today
with  Amit  and  Dhani  !    Photos/IG:  01  02  03

Christian                 "Chucky"              Amit              Dhani


2014/Jun/24       Amit´s  Lecture  in  Båstad !

Today Amit gave a lecture about Paxymer,
an eco-friendly plastic Amit´s father has researched
for the Swedish industry and world market.

Our member Loreen visited Amit´s lecture in Baståd/
South-Sweden and had a small aftertalk with Amit !

Right-click on pics to enlarge


"My Meeting with Amit"     ( by  Loreen )

On  06/24/2014  Amit spoke about the topic "Plastic Today"
in context of  Paxymer AB,  during the entrepreneurship days
 in Båstad/South Sweden.  He made a very nice power point
presentation ahead of his speech. Today I wonder how he
kept all the details so well.
I wish I could that too.

After the lecture,  Amit stood by for all who wanted to share
experiences about that topic. In the connection I first asked him
for a souvenir photo and let him know that we only came over
from Germany, because I wanted to meet him.  Sure, also to
spend a few nice days in Sweden, of course !  In the approach I
was really nervous, because finally I had to wait approx. 14 years
to meet Amit. I also thought about what he could still sign for me,
but then my choice felt on an old English school-work in which we
might introduce our favourite group at that time. After Amit has
seen my old homework, he said it’s already a long time ago.


I said  " Yes, it´s a long time ago, but the music from A*Teens
and the songs from your solo career are great and timeless ! "
Conclusion:  Amit was so nice to me ... I would travel
"Halfway Around The World", just to meet him again !

Thank you Amit !!     // Loreen

Check the album and Amit´s comment on his  fb fanpage


2014/Jun/24                 Amit  -  Head  of  Paxymer 

Since 2010 is  Amit  Managing Director of  Paxymer AB,
a daughter company of  PP Polymer,  which was founded
by Amit´s father  Dr. Swaraj Paul,  who research new types
of eco-friendly plastic for the Swedish industry & commerce.

Beside managing the family company, Amit give and hold
lectures at industry conferences and in front of business
associations to inform about the results of the researches
and the products and solutions Paxymer is able to offer.

For more infos  please visit  and
and read the listed articles below:                                            

  2014-05-06    Paxymer´s CEO Elected to Board SPIFs
  2013-11-09    Paxymer in PP fiber a winner in Mistra
  2013-09-25    Innovative Manufacturing Networking Conference
  2012-11-27    Paxymer signs agreement with IMCD Nordic
  2009-03-05    Specially composed dance at Paxymer inauguration
     VIDEO   Choregraphy by Amit´s sister Mandira


2014/Jan/16            Album for sale !

For more infos please check our  fanshop
Amit  Paul   -   Songs  In  A  Key  Of  Mine


2014/Jan/01                 Happy  New  Year  !

New Year´s greeting on Amit´s  facebook fanpage
                                              ...  posted by Marina !


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