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                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
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Projects / Co-work

Kiiara I Don't Wanna Be Friends  (Oct/26)  IG              YT
Sandro Cavazza Here  (Single, August 2018)  IG        lnk  YT
Avicii ft. Sandro C. Without You  (EP Avicii 01, Aug/2017)  IG        lnk  YT


2018/Dec/18                              Memories

Sandkvie  Studio  in Visby,  Gotland,  SE   IG
Photo below:  Dhani in the house  in L A   IG


 2018/Nov/26                                           New  Friends

 ... and true words: "I think life is about coincidences and
it's about what we make out of every moment we get."

                                                                             2 photos/IG


2018/Nov/23                             Trainer  License

Congratulations !  Dhani got an international licence
as personal trainer @ Bodyfight Sverige  who offer a
quality education in wellness and health in Marbella ,
Spain.  photo/IG         Marbella from above:  CLIP/IG


2018/Nov/10                  Music  Publishers  Awards

Yesterday    The annual  Music Publishers Price  awarded to
Swedish songwriters, composers and writers. Dhani visited
the event with  Sandro Cavazza  and  Lou Elliotte  they just
released the common single "Used To"  CLIP/IG    photo/IG


2018/Oct/26                                 OUT  NOW  !
Kiiara  -  I  Don't  Wanna  Be  Friends     IG
Produced by Dhani and Simon Hassle    YouTube
Written by Dhani,  Lou Ellliotte,  S. Hassle     lyrics

Kygo  Happy  Now      
                   (feat.  Sandro Cavazza)  IG  YT  listen


2018/Oct/13              Dhani  In  Pisa
Who  supports  whom  ??                          
The  Leaning  Tower  of  Pisa


2018/Oct/08                              Family  Week

Dhani visiting her sister Dinah in Italy who offers
Yoga classes in the Tuscany ...       IG:  01  02-05


2018/Sept/22                        "Happy  Now"

Last night  Kygo ft. Sandro Cavazza  premiered
their new song  "Happy Now"  @  I Heart Radio

in Las Vegas, USA      2 photos/IG    article  video


2018/Sept/10                                   This  Way

How to open a bottle of champagne ?!   CLIP/IG


2018/Sept/07                                     In  The  Club

DJ / Music     Seb Furrer  and Dhani rocks da house !
For more please check Dhani's  story highlight  @ IG

Grottan  -  Södermalm  -  Östgötagatan 35


2018/Sept/01               Event  Note
Sept/07   @ Grottan "Cave Club"
DJ / Music:  Seb Furrer, Dhani  IG

Grottan  means "Cave" and is a gothic
club in Stockholm - Södermalm ...  more


2018/Aug/25                                    Laptop  Fun
Good luck finding a new tune maybe ...     photo/IG

Sandro Cavazza's new single  Dhani has co-written
is out now !   Listen to  HERE  here:   01  02  03/IG


Best  Swedish  Song  2017

Congratulations !
Tonight  (08/15)  "Without You"  by Avicii, Sandro Cavazza,
Dhani and others won @  Rockbjörnen 2018 Sandro and
and Tim's father accepted the award:  video  (full show / YT)
Instagram:  01  02-04   CLIP  CLIP       video  (Aftonbladet.se)

2016, March    With Sandro in L. A.   IG


2018/July/25              Summer  Days

With the family on the boat ...    photo/IG


Happy  Birthday  Dhani  !
Dhani turns   34   today, hip hip hurray !

On this special day dear Dhani
we wish you all the best, health, luck
and prosperity for all the years to come.

A very Happy Birthday to You

and ...                                


2018/July/16                                 Källvik
Monday in  Källvik, Södermans county   IG


2018/July/04                                    Sandro  Cavazza

Last night ...    Sandro  started his little tour with a great
live performance in Stockholm, Gröna Lund,  PoP House
                                                             CLIPs @ IG:  01  02


2018/June/26                   Music  In  The  Air

Which next song will Dhani produce ?     photo/IG
June/16   The annual  Summerburst festival !    IG


2018/June/09                                 Pure  Nature
June 01/02    Kayak camping with dad ...   2 pics/IG
Dinner in the archipelago outside Trosa ...   CLIP/IG

Image section from the  original


2018/May/12                                                 Astriiiiid

Dhani  met the norwegian singer  Astrid S.     photo/IG
Astrid  became known in  2013  for her participation in
the Norwegian version of "Pop Idol".     IG   web   wiki

About a common project or collaboration  we   do  not
have any informations yet, so let's wait and see ...  (?)

Apr/27  The other night Dhani has made an incredible
restaurant experience @  Frantzén  in Stockholm ...  IG



"Thank you for everything Tim ...
you were to good for this world."

Dhani's obituary and tribute to Avicii


2018/Apr/20                        R. I. P  Avicii
The music world is shocked ... and mourns the
Swedish star-DJ  Avicii     "Wake Me Up"  video
who was found dead today in Muscat, Oman .

Tim Bergling  was only 28 years old.    wikipedia

2016     In March Avicii started an US trip with
friends to produce new songs. Also Dhani and
Sandro  were included and have recorded the
one or other part of the new songs ... and will
now keep their 'brother' in dignified memory .


2018/Apr/12                         Sold  Out  !
Sandro  Cavazza's  first  LIVE  SHOW  tonight !   IG  IG
20:00  Kulturhuset 
City Theatre Stockholm   IG

Fashion/Spring    photo/IG


2018/Mar/31          Happy  Easter  !
Easter greeting from Dhani   photo/IG


2018/Mar/27                                    Sunnyboy

Blinded by the Light    photo/IG   by  J. Brennicke
who filmed Dhani 2016 for the  Urbanista   video

   music tip  


2018/Mar/23                                           H W S
Sandro Cavazza  released his new single today:
                             High With Somebody          IG

           Mar/12  People @ work ...   photo/IG


2018/Feb/21                              In  London

Birthday weekend for a friend ...    IG:  01  02


2018/Jan/22                         Switzerland

Skiing and fun with friends in  Sankt  Moritz
Two photos and one clip on Dhani's  Insta !



Yesterday  In  St. Moritz

At the wedding of friends in the snowy mountains
of Sankt Moritz in Switzerland    photos/IG:  01 


2018/Jan/04                                    Used  To

Sandro Cavazza's  new song "Used To" will be
featuring the talented songwriter  Lou Elliotte
Photos/IG:  01  02  03
5 pics  (photo shoot)


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