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                                               works as songwriter and producer
                                               and has signed @ Sony/ATV  Scandinavia 
                                                                                          website   facebook

                                               1/2  of  the  Swedish  DJ  duo  D H A R C
                                                                                              soundcloud   IG

                                               1/2  of  the  producer  duo  S i C i n d y
                                                                                              soundcloud   IG

Projects / Co-work

Sik Cindy  Get Rich On What You Love   (EP, Oct 29)   spotify  YT  SC



2021/Dec/08                  Winter  Landscape
Days like these ...   Dhani and Alice enjoy the sun,
the snow and Sweden's nature
  3 pics + 2 vids/IG

Nov 09   " Who else north of latitude 50N gets     
                          extra productive this time of the year?IG

Nov 01   Sik Cindy EP - track 5  "Bubbles & Wine"   CLIP/IG


New  Project  -  EP  Out  NOW  !

The new Swedish producer duo  Sik Cindy  (Dhani and iSHi)
released their first EP "Get Rich On What You Love"  today !
Electro, six tracks ...                                        IG   CLIP/IG   

1. Get Rich On What You Love   2. Sink In
3. The Future Is Now   4. Tik Tok
5. Bubbles And Wine   6. Pay The Price

playlist/YouTube     soundcloud

Oct 23   Dhani & Alice  ... in Marbella   photo/IG

Oct 05   Sport / Music  Setting new goals   pic + vid/IG

Oct 01   Holidays !  Past week in Marbella   6 pics + 2 vids/IG

Aug 22   Sweet Roommate  "Wow Wow !"   2 pics/IG



Happy  37th  Birthday  Dhani  !!

All the best from your fans round the world:
Enjoy the day - it's  YOUR  DAY  today !!   :)


July 19   #freebritney   Dhani's true words ...   IG

July 12   Monday  Ready for some inspirations ?   IG


2021/May/29        " Buns  In  The  Sun "
Dhani  &  Alice             Pics & clips  01  02  03

Apr 13   2021  Home Office   photo/IG



Video  Meeting  with  Sara  and  Dhani

On today's  International  Day  of  A*TEENS
A-Teens Chile  organized a video meeting
with  Sara and Dhani  for all  Latin American

fans on  ZOOM.  Check out the recording !



2021/Mar/01                                   Album  Release
In just a few weeks Dhani will release his own album of
clubbable tunes like melodic techno & house music   IG

And  there's  more  in  the  pipeline  ...  so  stay  tuned !



What  happened  to  the  A*TEENS  ?

The history of the A*TEENS and the answer of
why they disappeared by  VICE     IG   full article


2021/Feb/26                                TEEN  SPIRIT

MTV News     20 years ago today,  the  A*TEENS
released their 2nd album " TEEN SPIRIT "  IG    CD

Is a joint performance on stage possible ?

The full oral history of the  A*TEENS
featuring interviews with the entire band
and their crew please read @  

Feb 17   Tasty Tuna  In oil or its own juice ?    IG

Feb 14   Happy  Valentine's Day !   3 pics / 2 CLIPs
         More from today by Alice   3 pics / 2 CLIPs

Feb 10   Winter Joys        9 pics / 1 CLIP
               More from yesterday by Alice


2021/Feb/09                                      Lunch  On  Ice
" Had my all time favorite lunch yesterday and that was
  not so much because of the food "
     3 pics + 1 CLIP/IG



2021/Jan/03                        Best  Day  2020

Dhani's girlfriend Alice posted these ...   2 pics/IG





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