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2020/July/31               What  A  Party  !

Philip & Nicholas   The twins'  friend Simeon
turned 4 years old.  Happy birthday !       IG

July 29   Twin Moms   photo/IG

July 28   Jewelry  "Diamonds last forever"   2 pics/IG

July 27   Jewelry  Earrings !   IG:  01  02-03

July 24   Friends  Birthday celebration in Ingarö   IG

July 23   Ad  Skin Care  Oslo Skin Lab   3 pics/IG

July 21    Fashion  Marie in white   3 pics/IG 


2020/July/19                                 Two  Days  Wildlife
Near Norrköping you can find the wildlife park 
a city zoo with cable car and dolphin shows.       IG:  01  02

July 15   Ad  Lancôme  Skin care   3 pics/IG



37 years                                                      
                  full  of  fun  happiness !

Beautiful Birthday Flowers Card for Marie with Animated Butterflies

"So many looks ..."   9 pics/IG                                                 


2020/July/08                                               Soon  37

Three  days  left  until  Marie's  birthday  !!    photo/IG
July 06   Philip & Nicholas  Base caps   IG

July 03   Fashion  'hello sailor '   4 pics/IG

July 02   Ad  Official  Lancôme  ambassadeur 2020   IG

July 01   Philip & Nicholas  Two little imps ...  2 pics/IG

June 29   Slangudden  Peninsula   photo/IG
                  (45 km east of Stockholm, route 222) 

June 27   Fashion  Summer in the City   5 pics/IG


2020/June/26                                Holidays  !
Philip & Nicholas     Last day for Marie's twins at
preschool before summer vacation ...   3 pics/IG

June 25   Ad  cravingforjewellery   5 pics/IG

June 24   Mojito time - cheers !   photo/IG

June 22   Summer fashion   4 pics/IG


2020/June/19         Midsummer  2020
Let's dance and celebrate Sweden's biggest
party of the year ...        photo/IG    6 pics/IG

June 16   Ad  Cooperation with babyshop
                                             10 pics/IG

June 13   More summer ...  IG

Midsummer 2020                                                


2020/June/10                                            Summerparty

Summer party at the preschool today with theme masked.
Nicholas was a cop,  Philip a firefighter at home because of
a cold and had to play around in the sandbox instead.   IG

June 06    Swedish  National  Day    photo/IG



In memory of  George Floyd     IG



2020/June/02            Good  Morning

Philip & Nicholas   Hahahaha ....    CLIP/IG
May 31   Happy  Mother's  Day  Marie  !   3 pics/IG
May 30    Happy B'day Therese !   IG:   01  02  03  04


2020/May/30                         Flower  Shopping

Always  worth  to  visit:   Slottsträdgården  Ulriksdal
Their  garden  center  offers a wide selection of high
quality plants and garden accessoires in a royal park
environment in Stockholm's north Solna.    photo/IG

May 29   Marie's pride & joy !   IG

May 27   Contest  for Mother's Day  (31.05.)
Win a signed children book by Marie !      IG

Marie in the garden center of the castle garden         IG


Covergirl  -  Health  Magazine

Marie  adorns the cover of the new issue  06/2020  of the
Swedish health magazine  toppHÄLSA   Inside you can find
an interview where she tells about life as a twin mom.   IG

May 14   Skin Care  Collagen powder   4 pics/IG


2020/May/11                              Vårruset  Medal
Marie  run the 2,5 km non stop for the first time and
is proud of herself her very own Varruset medal.  IG

May 09   Nailed it !   What's so funny ?   IG   IG

May 03   Philip  Nicholas   photos/IG


2020/April/28                                   LIVE  Shopping

19:00          Marie participate in a LIVE shopping event
@        where she will talk,  among other,  about
    video     her favorite beauty products from  Lancôme

April 26    Beauty  Collaboration -  Lancôme      3 pics/IG


2020/April/23                             "Nico  &  Phille"

After the book release party yesterday, Marie signed
a bunch of books today and hope they will spread
some joy in the current situation ...   IG    2 pics/IG


2020/April/17                             Malou  Efter  Tio
"Nico & Phille"  book release !   pics + video/IG

Malou After Ten  Today Marie is guest in the Swedish
talkshow with host  Malou von Sivers,    debuting her
children's book  "Nico & Phille".     Marie looks back to
her time  as  an  artist  and  tells  about  the  sometimes
turbulent life as a twin mother.     video/YT    4 pics/IG

April 16    Malou Efter Tio   Selfie from the recordings


2020/April/15                     Adam  Alsing  Dead

The  popular  TV  presenter  died today as a result of
a coronavirus
.  In October 2011 Marie was
guest in his talkshow
"Adam Live" (TV3).     IG   wiki


2020/April/10                                 Good  Friday
The friday before Easter,  often packed with family
and preparations for the big feast ...         2 pics/IG

Apr 09   Advertising  Skin care powder   9 pics/IG

Apr 07   Jewelry   Necklace +   2 pics/IG

Apr 03   Happy Friday !   4 pics/IG

Apr 02   Fashion  Black & White   6 pics/IG

Mar 30   Good Morning !   2 pics/IG

Mar 28   Morning Traffic   CLIP/IG


2020/March/27                  Vårruset  Cancelled
Vårruset 2020  had to cancel all races (20 cities) this
season  due to the worldwide Corona pandemic and
the resulting prohibition on public gatherings.       IG

Vårruset  is a race for girls/women of all ages who
can run, jog or walk a 5 km or new 2.5 km course.

Mar 26   Advertising  Skin care  Cetaphil   4 pics/IG

Mar 25   Philip & Nicholas  Brotherly love   IG
Mar 21   Philip & Nicholas  In earlier days   IG


" Thanks  For  Everything ! "

It has been quiet on Marie's blog,
now she said goodbye ...     

Mar 17   Dreaming about spring ...   IG


2020/March/13                            Playing  Outside
Crazy weather this week, but today Marie was able to
get out with the kids to enjoy the fresh air.
  5 pics/IG

Mar 12   Advertising   Bonaqua   5 pics/IG
Mar 10   Weather:  changeable   2 pics/IG


International  Women's  Day
Marie  celebrates and appreciates her mother ...   IG
Mar 06   Advertising  Hämmakväll sweets   6 pics/IG
Mar 05   Super Mom's  meeting (photo below)  IG
Mar 02   Vårruset  Registration discount   IG

Marie 'Super Mom'                                   photo/IG


2020/Feb/19                                  Nico  &  Phille
At the end of April  Marie publishes her debut book !
A children's book, inspired by her little guys  Philip  &
Nicholas,  illustrated by Lovisa Blomberg.    photo/IG
You can preorder the book  HERE

Feb 17    1st day of the week:  Monday !   photo/IG
Feb 15    Marie about her  Valentine's Day   IG


2020/Feb/13                            Vårruset  2020
Only 2 months  until the  Vårruset  marathon tour
will start again.  With the code "Marie 20" you'll
get 50 SEK discount of the starting fee !   IG

Hidden Project !   Keep an eye on Marie's  stories
next week and you'll get a pretty big clue !  BLOG

Feb/09    Hair Styling  @ Åhléns   video


2020/Feb/07                                 Outside  Appointment

Tomorrow   Marie and her hairdresser and friend  Antonio Axu
will talk about their 10 - year hair journey  and Marie's favorite
products of Antonio's hair series,  hair trends,  and he also will
style Marie's hair in place  @ Åhléns City  in Stockholm, 13:00 !


2020/Feb/05                                        Perfume  Launch

Yesterday  Lovely evening @ Embassy of Italy in Stockholm
                                                     3 pics/IG     Before:  5 pics/IG


2020/Feb/03                                       Everyday  Life
Marie about what goes on around in her life ...      BLOG
"Preschool diseases, own colds, jobs, fatigue and focus
on children
are devouring all time ..."   says  Marie.     IG

Feb 02   International Twin Day   IG


2020/Jan/28                     Swedish  Sports  Award
Yesterday   Marie visited the Swedish sports award show
Idrottsgalan  in the Ericsson Globe arena.        Before she
was styled by friend Nathalie ...  CLIP   10 pics/IG  IG  IG

                                  Marie on the red carpet   photo/ELLE
Jan 27   Tragedy - happend yesterday                                
Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and one of his daughters
died at a helicopter crash near Los Angeles   IG  wikipedia

Jan 24   Advertising  TS  baby products   4 pics/IG


2020/Jan/23                            Before  The  Gala

Hair & Makeup:  Nathalie Berzelius    BLOG   3 pics/IG


2020/Jan/19                              ELLE  Awards

Two days ago   Marie & Fredric  on the red carpet
                                                                    IG   ELLE

Jan 18   About last night ...   4 pics/IG                   


2020/Jan/17                    ELLE  Awards  2020
Sweden's most important fashion awards
Marie  Fredric  on the event  2019  and  2020

Jan 15    ELLE  Gala   Looking forward to Fr.   BLOG
Advertising    HEMMAKVÄLL    candy store    4 pics/IG


2020/Jan/10                      No  Snow  In  Sight  !
Marie hopes that it will soon be snowing, that the kids
can test their sleighs they got at Christmas ...     BLOG

Jan 09     ... playing around the whole day !    3 pics/IG

Jan 07   Good Continuation !   BLOG


Happy  New  Year
from the
Palmqvist Serneholt family



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