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Feb 17    1st day of the week:  Monday !   photo/IG
Feb 15    Marie about her  Valentine's Day   IG


2020/Feb/13                            Vårruset  2020
Only 2 months  until the  Vårruset  marathon tour
will start again.  With the code "Marie 20" you'll
get 50 SEK discount of the starting fee !   IG

Hidden Project !   Keep an eye on Marie's  stories
next week and you'll get a pretty big clue !  BLOG

Feb/09    Hair Styling  @ Åhléns   video


2020/Feb/07                                 Outside  Appointment

Tomorrow   Marie and her hairdresser and friend  Antonio Axu
will talk about their 10 - year hair journey  and Marie's favorite
products of Antonio's hair series,  hair trends,  and he also will
style Marie's hair in place  @ Åhléns City  in Stockholm, 13:00 !


2020/Feb/05                                        Perfume  Launch

Yesterday  Lovely evening @ Embassy of Italy in Stockholm
                                                     3 pics/IG     Before:  5 pics/IG


2020/Feb/03                                       Everyday  Life
Marie about what goes on around in her life ...      BLOG
"Preschool diseases, own colds, jobs, fatigue and focus
on children
are devouring all time ..."   says  Marie.     IG

Feb 02   International Twin Day   IG


2020/Jan/28                     Swedish  Sports  Award
Yesterday   Marie visited the Swedish sports award show
Idrottsgalan  in the Ericsson Globe arena.        Before she
was styled by friend Nathalie ...  CLIP   10 pics/IG  IG  IG

                                  Marie on the red carpet   photo/ELLE
Jan 27   Tragedy - happend yesterday                                
Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and one of his daughters
died at a helicopter crash near Los Angeles   IG  wikipedia

Jan 24   Advertising  TS  baby products   4 pics/IG


2020/Jan/23                            Before  The  Gala

Hair & Makeup:  Nathalie Berzelius    BLOG   3 pics/IG


2020/Jan/19                              ELLE  Awards

Two days ago   Marie & Fredric  on the red carpet
                                                                    IG   ELLE

Jan 18   About last night ...   4 pics/IG                   


2020/Jan/17                    ELLE  Awards  2020
Sweden's most important fashion awards
Marie  Fredric  on the event  2019  and  2020

Jan 15    ELLE  Gala   Looking forward to Fr.   BLOG
Advertising    HEMMAKVÄLL    candy store    4 pics/IG


2020/Jan/10                      No  Snow  In  Sight  !
Marie hopes that it will soon be snowing, that the kids
can test their sleighs they got at Christmas ...     BLOG

Jan 09     ... playing around the whole day !    3 pics/IG

Jan 07   Good Continuation !   BLOG


Happy  New  Year
from the
Palmqvist Serneholt family



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