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NEWS  part 2



June 30   Ad  Sunglasses  Discount campaign   CLIP/IG

June 29   Ad  Sunglasses  from  GLAS   3 pics


Happy  Midsummer  2022  !

The summer solstice (shortest night) is celebrated
always on Saturday between June 19th and 26th.

Friday / Midsummer Eve  The big party has just started ...    IG
Saturday / Midsummer Day (Holiday)  Family celebrations

June 18   Paris II   Hotel Costes  / Fashion   IG  IG

June 17   Vive La France !  Birthday weekend in Paris   IG  IG

June 14   The Boys  Ready for the preschool party   2 pics/IG

June 11   Great Day  with the kids   4 pics + 3 CLIPs/IG


Happy  National  Day  of  Sweden  !


June 05   Ad  Outdoor Furniture  Marie's lounge
                        area from  DIYTI    2 pics + CLIP/IG

June 03    Ad  Henkell  Freixenet  Sverige
"Mionetto alcohol free"  -  Image film   IG

June 01   Wednesday  Coffee Time !   IG


PADEL  Femme Open

Trip to Marbella - Spain

 instagram       9 pics + CLIP/IG

May 26   Marbella   @ Restaurant  Occo    photo/IG

May 27   Sporty, Sporty !  Padel practice   2 pics/IG
                         Fashion  Dream dress in white ...   IG

May 29   Fashion  Golden hour last night   2 pics/IG
               @ Restaurant  Caos by Stefano Catenacci
                                                                      10 pics/IG

May 25   Mami & Papi  @ Ellegalan   3 pics/IG


5  Days  Till  Mother's  Day !

Ad  Beauty Care  In collaboration with  Lancôme
" Becoming a mother is undoubtedly the biggest
thing that has happened to me. "                     

                                                                    2 pics/IG

May 20   Marie's Boys  Ready for the party ...   2 pics/IG

May 15   Music  First attemps at the piano   photo/IG

May 14   Barbecue  Prosecco alcohol free   2 pics 1 clip/IG

May 08   Hair / Summer Style  It works ...   CLIP/IG

May 07   Magical Girls  @ Ricordi  Restaurant   2 pics 2 clips/IG

May 05   Ellegalan 2022  Marie's dress ...   7 pics/IG


2022/May/02                                          Vårruset  2022
Sweden's  largest  exercise  tour  aimed  at  women !
The  Spring  Rush  tour  visits  20  cities  in  Sweden,
starting  today  in  Malmö  IG    3 pics/IG

" Today we kick off @varruset 2022 here in sunny Malmö.
AS we longed for !!
We will visit 20 places and carry out
21 events before we finish on 9/6 in Östersund ...

#vårruset     #vårrusset2022       #varruset     #varruset2022


2022/April/29                       ELLE  Galan  2022
Marie: "Purple is the new Black"                   3 pics/IG
Marie posing to Beyoncé "Love On Top"      CLIP/IG
Apr 30      Last minute touches ...  and    2 pics/IG
a "Thank You" from Marie to her team    6 pics/IG
Apr 25   Elle Galan 2022  4 days to go ...   IG

Apr 23   Vårruset  Sponsored picnics   2 pics/IG

Apr 20   Food  Breakfast for Lunch   IG


2022/April/18                                        Happy  Easter  !
2 nd Easter Day    Family picnic in the forrest ...      photo/IG

Apr 14   Blåkulla  - the place where witches meet !  wiki   IG

Apr 12   Marie's Recipes  Chili & Lemon herrings   IG

Apr 11   Home  Getting ready for Easter   IG

Apr 10   Lifestyle  Marie's imterpretation of a classic Hugo
     Taste it @ Ricordi's  restaurant in Stockholm   8 pics/IG

Apr 09   Ad  Lancôme  Parfum   4 pics/IG

Apr 08   Ad  Hemmakväll  Easter mix by Hemmakväll   6 pics/IG

Apr 07   Body To Soul  Remedy Stockholm   photo/IG

Apr 06   Fashion  Spring Vibe Marie  CLIP/IG

Mar 31  Ad  Skin Care   Marie recommends  Lancôme's
                     new Rénergie HCF Triple Serum   3 pics/IG

Mar 25   Ad  Outdoor Furniture  Marie got hers
                   @ Newport Home   2 pics + CLIP/IG

Mar 24   WC Playoffs   Sweden vs Czech Republic   IG

Mar 19   Children's Museum  Junibacken   photo/IG  CLIP

Mar 18   Big Day for the Boys  Time to move up
               a department at preschool    photo/IG

Mar 16   Ad  Marie  is the new ambassador of
Mionetto's Winehouse in Sweden    CLIP/IG


2022/March/07                             Holidays  In  Dubai
Hi from Dubai, Palm Jumeirah   IG
Philip & Nicholas  smile !   2 pics/IG

Mar 08    Sofitel Dubai The Palm                                              
... is a luxury 5* beach resort and family hotel  on the East
Crescent of the world famous  Palm Jumeirah        wikipedia

The hotel  ... by night    photo/IG

Mar 09  Dubai by Night  Breathtaking ...   IG
Mar 10   Hotel Beach  East Crescent, Palm Jumeirah   IG

~          ~          ~

Mar 03   Ad  Hemmakväll  Happy home evening !   7 pics/IG

Mar 01   Stockholm Godis  Clemedt Dunér Bakery   IG

Feb 28   Ad  Vårruset  Reminder ...   photo/IG

Feb 22   Ad  Vårruset  ... visits 20 cities around Sweden,   IG
                               starts in Malmö, May 02

Feb 20   Nicholas  First soccer practice   3 pics/IG

Feb 19   Philip & Nicholas  Snowy Saturday   2 pics/IG


2022/Feb/18                                  Fashion  SS  22

Marie's  entire new spring and summer collection she
has designed in collaboration with  Gekas Ullared  will
be released and in the department store March 10th.
                                                                           5 pics/IG

 March 19    Meet Marie @  Gekås Ullared                         

Feb 17   Swedish Tradition  Winter swimming 
              in the cold bath house ...    photo/IG

Feb 13   Ad  Lancôme                                         
                Advanced Genifique serum  
4 pics/IG


2022/Feb/10                                Podcast  Meeting
This week Marie is guest  Bathina Philipson's podcast

"Bathina's different meetings"                            2 pics/IG
They talk a lot about how Marie's whole career journey
started 23 years ago when she was only 15 years old,
what it was like touring with artists like Britney Spears
and 'N Sync, how Marie and Fredric meet  ...  and much
more of course ...  
Just listen @  acast              

Feb 10   Sthlm - Östermalm   Hotel  Villa Dagmar   IG

Feb 08   Oldies  ... but Goldies   2 pics/IG

Feb 02   Philip & Nicholas  Happy  Int. Twin Day !   5 pics/IG

Jan 31   Outfit  Black & Blue   4 pics/IG

Jan 27   Last Night  Look created by  Nathalie B.   CLIP/IG

Jan 26   Fashion  Handbag  by  Anine Bing   IG

Jan 25   Stockholm  Trampolin park   Yoump   photo/IG

Jan 23   3 Years Ago  Look this look !   photo/IG


2022/Jan/19                                               Contest  !
In cooperation with  von Essen Design,  Marie is giving
away the painting "Winter Walk".
  All infos + 3 pics/IG


2022/Jan/16                                           Vårruset  2022

Finally back !  You are invited to Sweden's biggest running
tour for girls and women. This year the  Spring  Rush   visit
20 cities  -  start is in Malmö, May 05 !         IG

Jan 14   Northern Lights  Look to the sky !   IG

Jan 13   Business  ... and pleasure   2 pics/IG


Happy  New  Year  !

Happy New Year 2022 from Marie and her family !






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