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!!  Good - bye  2022  !!

Blue Red Green Fireworks

December 31

Dec 28   In Paradise  Skiing in  Sälen, Sweden   CLIP/IG


2022/Dec/27                             New  Year's  Dessert

Ad   Simple and fastest New Year's dessert:            CLIP/IG
ptional  sorbet  topped  with  Mionetto Alcohol-free 0.0%
Add something extra if you like, but this couldn't be easier


Merry  Christmas  !

                                                                         2 pics/IG


A  Weekend  To  Remember

Marie & Fredric in Gothenburg,  stayed at the newly
opened  Jacy'z  hotel.  Marie: "Don't miss a visit to
the magical skybar/restaurant
  Gogogaga  on the
26th floor.
  Enter the tasting menu and the non-
alcoholic drink
  Lingo  - thank me later"   CLIP/IG

Dec 17   Gothenburg / Liseberg                                 
               X-mas feeling deluxe has arrived    CLIP/IG

Dec 14   Fashion   Dress / Evening wear      CLIP/IG

Dec 13   Happy Lucia !   Philip & Nicholas   photo/IG

Dec 06   Fashion  Ready to go out ...  ;)     photo/IG

Dec 04   The 2nd Advent  @ home   pic + 2 CLIPs/IG

Dec 02   Traditional Christmas Lunch                        
                         with friend Therese  here   photo/IG

Dec 01   Ad  Fashion SS 23    Marie's new collection
will be out in stores at the end of Feb '23   CLIP/IG

Nov 28   Vårruset 2023    Also next year, Marie will
be the emcee on the Spring Rush Tour ...   CLIP/IG


Easiest  Christmas  Drink ?

Ad  Melt chocolate, dip the rim of the glass into it.
Crush polka pigs and spin the edge in the crusher.
Pour  Mionetto 0.0% alcohol-free  into the glass
and hang a polka dot stick on the rim.

2 pics/IG

Nov 25   Home Video  Christmas decoration   CLIP/IG


Memory  of  Anders  Börje  Salming

The  famous  Swedish  ice  hockey  player  died  today
at the age of 71 years in Nacka, Sweden.   photo/IG
The photo was made July 12, 2012, in Montenegro.
Together with his wife Pia he creates the L in LOVE .

Nov 18   Mirror Mirror  on the wall ...  ;)   IG


" Mama  of  the  Year  2022 "

Yesterday     A nice evening at this year's  gala:
The  Swedish magazin  Mama  paid tribute to mothers who
who have made a difference.  Marie's look:   CLIP   5 pics/IG

Marie with friend Clara on the "red carpet"   IG

Nov 12   Guests Expected !  Awesome table setting   CLIP/IG

Nov 09   Fashion / Fall   A wednesday in November   3 pics/IG

Oct 28   Ad  Halloween Sweets  Hemmaväll   CLIP + 4 pics/IG

Oct 23   Ad  Lancôme  Iconic fragrance   3 pics/IG


Dine  With  Marie

Eggplant Casserole / Casseruola di Melanzane
Autumn dinner at Marie's home yesterday, eggplant was on
the menu.
Marie made a juicy tomato sauce with i.a. celery,
onion, garlic and cinnamon which was allowed to simmer on
the stove for a long time.
Alternate sauce, eggplant, parmesan,
mozzarella and basil and topped with breadcrumbs to get a
lovely crunch on top.
 Smaklig måltid !       4 pics + 3 CLIPs/IG

Oct 14   Ad  Mionetto  Press lunch @ Coup d'Etat   IG

Oct 12   Shopping  Steak pans, flares & Marie   IG

Oct 08   Family Fun  @ Cirkus Skansen   photo/IG

Oct 08   Ad  Mionetto (Sparkling wine)                                        
     Taste "Marie's Spritz" @ Coup d'Etat   2 pics/IG

Sept 28   Autumnal  ... furnishing @ home   photo/IG

Sept 23   Ad  Mathem - Online Supermarket & Delivery          
"Sticky chicken with lime rice" Recipe & Shopping list   CLIP/IG

Sept 22   Ad  Hemmakväll  Loose Candy Day !   4 pics/IG

Sept 17   Ad  Lancôme  Skin care lines   6 pics/IG


Happy  Birthday  Philip  &  Nicholas  !

Marie's boys celebrate their  4th birthday today,
so all the best from round the world !
   2 pics/IG


2022/Sept/05-06                   Audi  Quattro  Cup  2022
Golf/Sweden   The Audi Quattro Cup is the largest turnament
series in the world of amateur golfers   read more        photo/IG

Emcee Marie    Marie worked for Audi during the cup in Bästad
and got the honor to present the final dinner.     
4 pics/IG

Sept 02   Ad  Lunchtime  and shoes @
                        Bockholmen - Sea & Restaurant    10 pics/IG

Aug 28   Marie 007  Bond-themed celebration yesterday

Aug 26   Marie & Fredric  5 years full now !   CLIP/IG


2022/Aug/23                    Fashion  Fall  2022

Now, all the garments from the fall collection Marie
together with Gekas Ullared  have finally
been posted on their  website .                
10 pics/IG

Meet  Marie !                                             
Sept  03/04     Marie will present her complete
collection in Gekas' shopping center in Ullared


Inauguration  In  Östersund

Yesterday    As emcee, Marie took on the honorable task of
  Synsam 's  production and innovation center

on the isle  Frösön  near Östersund.  press release    
2 pics/IG

Aug 14   Birthday Party  Motto "Pirates"   photo/IG

Aug 13   Pure  Summer   Feeling: 1*                          
                                           Location: 1*        
2 pics/IG



The  Big  Boat  Adventure  (1)

Memories from the weekend together with the family
on an absolutely fantastic boat ...                    video/IG

" It was really, really wonderful and one of the most wonderful
things I've experienced.
And yes, it certainly felt like we were
on the 
Sällskapsresan  many times - but I loved that too "


2022/July/29                                   Hot  Summer  Days

On the boat, on the water ...                                                     
               Enjoy the summer,  enjoy the sun,  enjoy Sweden !


July 21   Rented Motorboat  48 h fun on the water   CLIP/IG

July 15   Girl Party   ... eat & drink included !   CLIP/IG

July 14   Gröna Lund  Amusement park   photo/IG



         H a p p y  3 9 t h                              
          B i r t h d a y  M a r i e  ! !


Dear Marie,

all the best to your  39th  birthday today !

Stay healthy, happy, cheerful and always in a
good mood !  Enjoy life and your party ! 

5 pics + 4 CLIPs/IG


July 08   Rainy Holidays  =  a visit @ yoump   CLIP/IG

July 03   Ad  Island  Food delivery service  Mathem   CLIP/IG

July 02   Archipelagos  Sunset on the island   photo/IG


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