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2012/Dec/24            Merry Christmas !   
                                  from Marie ...  photo  

2012/Dec/12                Winter Vacacions
in Los Angeles ...

where Marie met Charles "Chucky"  Klapow,
the A*TEENS choreographer, you remember him?

  greetings from here  ~

travel blog  L A


   2012/Dec/Nov              X Factor     LIVE !

Musik Talent Competition with Marie in the jury
and  Xtra Factor - the aftershow talk with  Sara/watch

You need a swedish IP to watch   X Factor  on TV4 play !

 Dec/07     X Factor      LIVE  10/10      watch
                                         resultat show      watch

Nov/30     X Factor     LIVE   09/10      watch
                                         resultat show      watch

Nov/23     X Factor     LIVE   08/10      watch
                                         resultat show      watch

 please visit
X blog  &  instagram >> webviewer

X Factor    @ @ @    TV4   TV4 play   facebook  youtube


2012/Nov/22                Fun with Marie @ Xtra factor 07
                                                                      Guest:  Olly Murs    Nov/16

Last friday in the aftershow talk Xtra factor...  Marie was surprised
with a kiss from the singer and songwriter Olly Murs, who reached

the X-factor final 2009 in the UK.   wikipedia                                      

"Can you close your eyes for a second ?"                                               

Right-click and enlarge the captures - all rights @ TV4 Sweden


2012/Oct-Nov                    X Factor   LIVE !               

The  Music Talent  Search  with Marie in the jury
and  Xtra Factorthe aftershow talk with  Sara/watch

!  You need a swedish IP to watch the shows TV4 play  !

Nov/16       X Factor  18/21 LIVE  07/10     watch
                                        Voting result/decision    watch

Nov/09       X Factor  17/21 LIVE  06/10     watch
                                        Voting result/decision    watch

Nov/02       X Factor  16/21 LIVE  05/10     watch
                                        Voting result/decision    watch

 Oct/26       X Factor  15/21 LIVE  04/10      watch
                                        Voting result/decision     watch

 Oct/19       X Factor  14/21 -  LIVE  03/10      watch
                                        Voting result/decision     watch

 Oct/12       X Factor  13/21 LIVE  02/10      watch
                                        Voting result/decision     watch

Infos & photos    More about the shows on  TV4
and on Marie´s  Instagram/webviewer  and   X blog


2012/Oct/07          X Factor    Xtra Factor     LIVE 01

Marie has uploaded some pics of the show on her  X  blog

<<   Marie and Sara met backstage  >>


2012/Oct/05          X Factor   LIVE !
                                  The Music Talent Search

X Factor  LIVE  01/10
1st live show with Marie in the jury !

X Factor  -  LIVE  01/10    watch
X Factor  -  the decision !   watch

You need a swedish IP to watch   X Factor  on TV4 play !

Xtra Factor - the aftershow talk with  Sara/watch
- inclusive a short meeting with Marie at the desk !

More about todays shows on  TV4
      and on Marie´s  IG  and  X blog


<<  right click on pics to enlarge  >>



Dinner  for  4  -  The  A*TEENS  2012

Dhani, Marie, Amit and Sara
met at "Griffins´ Steakhouse" - just to see how
everyone is up and to talk about old memories.

    How nice to see you all together again !  

More photos + comments you can find on the instagram
profiles of  Sara 
(pic above)  and   Marie :   01   02   03   04
and also on  Amit´s  fb fanpage                                           


2012/Sept/18             VAKNA!  med the Voice
                                       Swedens wake up Radio Show

X Factor-jury         Marie is  "the bad bitch" ?

You can watch the Morning Talk with Marie     here
                                               or on Marie´s    X  blog


2012/Sept/11            Radio Talk with Marie
                             @ today´s  "P4 extra"

Marie was today´s special guest at Sveriges Radio P4.
Article + pics + listen the whole talk on 
iRadio P4  english

There´s also an article about on / english


2012/Sept/10          X Factor    Marie / Jury

After the premiere yesterday:

The jury @ Nyhetsmorgen  - TV morning show    video
           Check the photos of the premiere on   facebook

today,  20:00  -  episode 2/21



Marie   is one of
the jury members

X Factor

Talent Search
Music Show

   TV4 play

Marie´s    X  blog



2012/Sept/08             A week in  NYC

Marie is back from New York City ...            
and has posted a picture rain on her   BLOG


2012/August/26     "Wellness"  Covergirl !

In the new issue of "Wellness", given out by Aftonbladet,
you´ll find a long interview
Marie did a few months ago ...

Read more about on    Wellness    Marie-blog
& check out the photos on   A*TEENS online



Marie in the new "Café" magazine !

What you want more ?
Interview with photos on 8 sites !

Read more about:    Café.se    Marie-blog



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Marie Serneholt

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Fashion  Shows
in Copenhagen

Last week Marie visited two
fashion shows in Copenhagen
to present the collection she has
created with the Jofama team.

blog /photos


Marie in Stockholm

blog / photos



Jofarma  Fashion - Work in Progress !

Marie spent the last days with Jofarma´s designer team
at the headquarter in Malung. Release date of Marie´s
first own collection is January 2013 - read more about
and check the photos on Marie´s




X  factor  Sweden
"Behind the scenes"

New press photos

facebook,   instagram
Marie´s  blog

Start of the TV shows soon !

TV4    english


2012/July/18        Cover Girl:  Marie Serneholt         

                  Plaza Kvinna Magazine 8/2012
                      Check it out in Marie´s  video section


2012/July/11      Marie  went  29  today  !!


2012/July/06      Pre-Party @ The Wall Club
Check out some photos on Marie´s   blog   english


2012/July/03      Trip to Budva / Purobeach !

Marie just enjoyed some days in Budva/Montenegro.
Last saturday she visited the opening party of the
4th  Purobeach Club /Porto Montenegro, the heaven
on earth:  Marie´s photos speak for themselves, so
take a look at them  in her blog section 
resor / travel



Marie Serneholt

In collaboration with the
creative team of Jofama,
Marie designed a fashion
collection for Spring 2013

- WOW !!

Read more about
and check out the
"behind the scenes"
pics on Marie´s blog
part 1    english
part 2    english

... and on the
official website of




Day of the


Check out the photos
Marie posted on her

BLOG     english


2012/June/20         Twitter  &  Instagram

Marie´s  official  accounts :    twitter    instagram


2012/June/18        The Beach of "Sugar Rush"

During her holidays in Los Angeles, Marie visited and
enjoyed the Malibu Lagoon State Beach once again
- where
in 2001 the A*TEENS  recorded the video to
their song "Sugar Rush".    beach-photos    more videos

A*Teens - Sugar Rush - Universal Music @ MyVideo

2012/June/13         Marie in Los Angeles / USA

Marie´s photos of the last days:   blog category/travel


2012/May/14       Holidays in Las Palmas / Spain

Read a small postcard from Marie on her   blog    english


2012/April/20         Scorett  Footwear     videos 

Watch the newest TV promotion spot with Marie !


2012/March/28        Shoe Contest !!                   

Win 1/10 of Marie´s favorite shoes @ ! 
Choose your own pair till April/10     Good Luck !! 
                                                     website  english 


2012/March/22-24       " X  Factor  Sweden "

2nd audition in Gothenburg - first job for Marie and
the other jury-members
:   website   english     x-rules

  The jury in London ...   read more

Check also Marie´s  blog  and the infos @ Feb/07 below !


2012/Feb/17       GRAMMY  DRESS  -  PHOTOS !!

3 days ago Marie visited the Grammy awards in Stockholm.
 Photos with Marie in her pretty white dress you can enjoy
on Marie´s blog - check entries:
  Feb/17   Feb/16   Feb/15


2012/Feb/14     "Scorett"  Spring Campaign 2012
Marie  is the new model for "Scorett" shoes this spring.

Read more on Scorett´s   blog  english    website + TV spot


2012/Feb/07        " X  Factor  Sweden "

Marie  is one of the 4 jury-members of  X Factor,
the refined version of the talent search The Idol.
Start in fall - Sept/Oct - TV4:  
website  english
Read more about on Marie´s   blog  english
and watch this interview   video



     "Salt & Pepper"  run  youtube  !!

48 h after the show:  66.800+ views !!  search
                                            THANKS TO ALL UPLOADERS !

with full announcement    most viewed    HD 720p     LYRICS  vid

"Salt & Pepper"  was written and composed by              
Figge Boström, Lina Eriksson and Mårten Eriksson    LYRICS

Photos & "Thank You"  on Marie´s   BLOG  



The Result - Heat 1 - Melodifestivalen

Marie Serneholt - "Salt & Pepper"   place 6/8

Voting:  Unfortunately,  but Marie did not get enough calls
to reach the final
or the 2nd chance - that´s really a shame !
But let´s looking forward: "Salt & Pepper" will surely have
more success on the radio and in the internet and will run the
international single charts ! A CD release should follow soon !?

Enjoy Marie´s performence of  "Salt & Pepper"
and watch the complete show on   SVT play

Photos  of the show you can find   HERE

i T u n e s


Screenshots taken of the video on SVTplay - all rights:

Melodifestivalen 2012
PIC OF THE DAY                        Heat 1 in Växjö                                

LIVE     Marie Serneholt     WEB
    "Salt & Pepper"      SVT
starting order 6/8           play

60 sec.  preview from the rehearsal:   watch !!

We´ll keep our fingers crossed !!

      GOOD  LUCK     
      !!!  MARIE  !!!    

Marie  Serneholt
artist page   english   video


website   english   SVT play

Melodifestivalen  :::  The Catsuit Fight
Marie (2012)  vs  Agnes (2009)

??  Who looks better  ??
Check out the photos and read more about the
Mello-cats  in their golden suits: 
swedish  english

Marie:  from  A-TEEN  to  A-LIST  photos

Chat  with  Marie:   swedish   english


2012/Feb/02       Melodifestivalen 2012

Marie  performed  "Salt & Pepper"
                 on today´s rehearsal in Växjö  

WOW !!    This song has  REALLY  pepper !!    SUPER !!
Marie performed so hot & spicy as we know her,
just check the listing and comment by  Scandipop

A few hours before the performence, Marie went through
the hall, showed how she´ll enter the stage on saturday
when she performs the complete song "Salt & Pepper".
Be sure, that will become a bombastic performence,
with 6 dancers around and Marie in a sexy catsuit !!
Read more: 
swedish  english     videos



Marie in the "Adam Live" show
You can watch the show on  TV3 play


Melodifestivalen 2012

Melodifestivalen  is the swedish national selection contest
for the famous Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in May.

Last year  Marie  moderated the shows, together with
Rickard Olsson -  remember ?  But this year Marie takes
part with an own song:  "Salt & Pepper"  !!

LIVE    Feb/04   Heat 1 in Växjö   position 6/8    LIVE

Marie´s  presentation  video       artist page  english



Marie @ the Elle-Galan 2012
Check out the pics on Marie´s   blog
and on the   ELLE-website


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