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                                                                 new  brand  MAîSE Cosmetics


2023/Dec/24      Merry  Christmas  !

Merry Christmas from Marie ...       video/IG

Dec 04   Christmas Dinner Deluxe                               
              by Lexington  (lifestyle products)   6 pics/IG

Nov 29   Ad  MAîSE Cosmetics  Multi Glow Face Balm   CLIP/IG

Nov 14   Ad  Cadillac EU  Launch of the new E-SUV  LYRIC
Marie feel great to be part of the presentation ...   CLIP/IG


Happy  Birthday  Fredric  !

Marie's big love and future husband Fredric Palmqvist
celebrates his 39th birthday today. Congratulations !


Nov 05   Ad  Functional Kids Wear  Reima   CLIP/IG

Oct 28   Happy Halloween !  Just spooky outside ...   CLIP/IG

Oct 27   Ad  Jewellery  Sif Jakobs  Copenhagen, DK   CLIP/IG

Oct 23   Ad  MAîSE Cosmetics                                          
                      Multi Glow Face Balm   4 pics/IG   CLIP/IG

Oct 21   Warm Slippers  for cold winterdays @ home   IG

Oct 19   Lingerie  Dressed for a launch party y'day   CLIP/IG

Oct 14   Halloween Is Here  @ Gröna Lund   CLIP/IG



Venice, Veneto, Prosecco
Ad  " Incredible days and memories for life together with a
magical group in  Venice  and in the heart of  Mionetto  and
prosecco in 
Valdobbiadene "           Impressions on  CLIP/IG

Oct 11   Wonderful Place  Somewhere in  Veneto ... ;)   CLIP/IG
Oct 10   Venice !!  Greeting from Italy       photo/IG

Oct 02   Ad  The Boys' Bikes  Pinepeak  @ Jollyroom   CLIP/IG

Sept 24   Stockholm - Lifestyle   Black Milk Gastro Bar    IG



Happy  5th  Birthday
Philip  Nicholas  !

Yesterday Marie's twins turned 5 years old.
Hope you have got lots of sweets and presents
and you had a nice day !

Sept 14   Fun Facts ...   about Marie's dress   CLIP/IG
                                       @ restaurant  Rummel                      

Sept 08   Clothing  Marie's basics   photo/IG

Sept 07   Fashion  Autumn - September   2 pics 1 CLIP/IG

Sept 05   Fashion  Top by  Wakakuu    2 pics/IG


2023/Aug/29                                             Meet  Marie  !
Marie's  Autumn- and winter collection for babies, kids and
young people is out now @ Gekås  in Ullared.      10 pics/IG

Marie will be in the store this Friday,  01.09., 13:00 - 15:00


2023/Aug/27                             Happy  50th  Birthday !

Chef and restaurateur  Danyel Couet  (Restaurant "Allegrine")
celebrated his 50th birthday last month on July 24th.

The occasion for an anniversary party last night to which
Marie and Fredric were also warmly welcomed,
motto: "The 70s"
        5 pics 1 CLIP/IG

Aug 25   Ad  @ Home  Marie's family room  sofacompany   CLIP/IG

Aug 23   Summer Vacation   Pool & water fun   9 pics 1 CLIP/IG  

Aug 15   Summerbreak  Make-up fun with the kids   CLIP/IG

Jul 30   Sälen 2.0 !!  Will follow winter 23/24 :)   CLIP/IG

Jul 28   Ad  Pink Bubbles  Mionetto 0,0%  Barbie-style   CLIP/IG

Jul 23   Ad  Yesterday's Dinner   Mionetto 0,0%  goes perfectly            
                     to hot melon and veggies with Tzaziki-dip   CLIP/IG

Jul 18   Marie's Look to ...  Barbie The Movie  premiere   CLIP/IG
Jul 19   Photos from the Barbie inspired look   2 pics/IG

Jul 15   Ad  Summer's Only Drink  Mionetto 0,0%   CLIP/IG


Marie  &  Fredric  Get  Married  !!

Marie said  YES !  to Fredric's marriage proposal
photo  IG  video

Congratulations !

We look forward to a glittering wedding  :)



Happ40 th  Birthday  Marie  !

Isn't 40 the new 30 ??

2 photos / IG

Dear Marie,
your fans and followers wish you all the best for this,
your special day and birthday today !!

May god bless you with lots of love, joy and happiness,
a wonderful day
with family and friends and
many many happy years to come !!

Colorful Birthday Bouquet Gif

Jul 08   Copenhagen  A week ago ...   CLIP/IG


The  World  Of  Astrid  Lindgren
Amusement and theme park in Vimmerby

Not only Marie was very impressed during the two fantastic
her family enjoyed @
astridlindgrensvarld         CLIP/IG

Jun 30   Marie in Denmark  Hello Copenhagen !   IG

Jun 29   Bubbles & Bolognese  work very well together   CLIP/IG
An Incredibly Important And Magically Good Lunch       
           Yesterday,  @ Hallwylska  museum in Stockholm   3 pics/IG

Jun 28   MAîSE Cosmetics  For a bronzy & glowing look   CLIP/IG

Jun 26   First Visit  Liseberg  >>  Gothenburg   CLIP/IG

Remember ??
20 years ago, in March 2003, the  A*TEENS  performed
the  NEW ARRIVAL  concert @ Liseberg !
Many memories !      photos   video


Happy  Midsummer  !


Jun 20   Ad  For Kids  Functional activewear by  Reima 

Jun 19   Marble Art  Decorative and useful   IG

Jun 02   Ad  Vanilla Limoncello Spritz   CLIP/IG
Delicious Summer Drinks with  Mionetto 0,0%



Femme  Open  Padel
Marbella, Spain 2023

Ad   Started with  Mionetto  lunch on the beach   CLIP/IG
Sat, 27.   Femme Open  tournament  @ Nueva Alcantara Club
 Sun, 28.   Ad  Incredible end @ Caos Italia Marbella               
                       together with  Mionetto Sweden

May 17   More Fashion  ... plus styling   CLIP/IG

May 13   "Sådärja" / There You Go  Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden   IG
                     Cool Outfit  Half business, half disco   CLIP/IG

May 07   Weekend Recap  Family time   CLIP/IG

May 01   Wildlife & More   A magical day for Marie's family           
                                  @ Kolmården's Wildlife Park    CLIP/IG

Apr 30    Spring Party  yesterday  @ Gröna Lund    CLIP/IG
Roller coaster "Vilda Musen" (Wild Mouse) ride video YouTube


Rubber  Boots  with  Moomin  Prints

Ad    Yesterday  Marie held an event in Junibacken's  Moomin park 
to celebrate the collaboration between  Viking Outdoor Footwear  
and  Moomin    "It was a super nice afternoon with picnics, pranks 
and games in the park and inside  Junibacken  and a meeting with 
Moomin for all the little guests"
  Marie posted on Insta.    10 p/IG 

Apr 24   ELLE Gala  Just three more photos ...                 
                                                                                3 pics/IG


Experiences For All Senses

Marie spent 24 hours in one of Sweden's largest spa hotels in
the Stockholm archipelago.  Smådalarö Gård Hotel      CLIP/IG
Apr 22   ELLE Gala  Dress, look, style - perfect !   CLIP/IG

Apr 21   ELLE Gala 2023  Marie's dress & style  3 pics/IG

Apr 19   Holiday Review  Short video compilation   IG

Apr 17   Congrats  Book release Micael Bindefeld   IG

Apr 13   Family Holiday  Gran Canaria   IG  IG

Apr 09   Holiday Is On  Linen clothes   2 pics/IG

Apr 07   Ad  Sparkling Wine  Roses in glasses   CLIP/IG

Apr 02   Spring Holiday  Marie booked Gran Canaria. Olé !
      Last spring's trip went to Dubai ...   CLIP/IG

Mar 28   Vårruset  Ladies, register before  April 4th !
                                    Cool video with music  >>  CLIP/IG

Mar 26   MAîSE Cosmetics  Where to find ?   CLIP/IG

Mar 23   Fashion Early 2000  Cargo pants   CLIP/IG 

Mar 19   MAîSE Cosmetics  Direct link to products in Story


MAîSE  Cosmetics
   Marie says thank you !

"A week since we launched  MAÎSE  and I want to say
from the bottom of my heart to all of you who came
with cheers, love, encouragement and who bought
products - I am so HAPPY for the support I received"
  10 pics/IG 

Mar 15   MAîSE Cosmetics  Are you ready to glow ?   CLIP/IG

Mar 13   Bday Party  Happy  70th  bday Christer !   CLIP/IG


MAîSE  Cosmetics

Marie has founded her own brand !
                                                                        3 pics/IG

MAÎSE Cosmetics  was founded by Marie Serneholt
and grew out of her passion for radiant beauty.

Marie has always been interested in make-up and
skin care and has long considered starting a brand
with trend-leading, high-quality and affordable
beauty products that focus on glow.
In the
range you will find setting sprays and powders
that are all 100% vegan and give a WOW factor
to both everyday and parties.
Choose between
setting spray, bronzer and highlighter !
MAÎSE is produced in some of the world's top beauty
factories and all ingredients are carefully selected for the
best results.
Everything for an amazing glow !

Mar 08   Ad  Sparkling Wine  Mionetto  + pizza !  CLIP/IG
Feb 27  Vårruset   Marie is once again the conference host          
               for Sweden's most beautiful race for girls   
Feb 24   Ad  Marie tested  Santa Maria's  five 5 new snacks !

Feb 22   Semmel Day  In the confectionery ...   photo/IG       
  Sparkling Wine  Mionetto Prosecco   CLIP/IG
Feb 21          Vårruset   Fun run for girls/women    CLIP/IG
Participate by walking, jogging or running 2.5 or 5 km   register
Feb 20   Ad  Fashion  Marie's Spring Collection is out !                   
                  Meet Marie @ Gekås Ullared  >> 16.03. !!   8 pics/IG

Feb 18   Ad  Sparkling Wine  Mionetto Prosecco   CLIP/IG
Feb 16   OUTDOOR   Cold bath with danish touch !   CLIP/IG

Marie can be really proud of her 4 min. in the freezing water !
Feb 15   Fashion  Red & Black   CLIP + pic/IG

Feb 14   Philip & Nicholas  Table for two   CLIP/IG

Feb 07   QX Gala 2023  Marie on the red carpet  web   2 pics/IG

Feb 05   Sunday Funday  Alpakas and more ...   CLIP/IG


International  Twinday

Nicholas & Philip with her proud mother Marie  . . .



  Ambassador  For  Mionetto

Ad    Marie is still an ambassador for  Mionetto 0,0 %
alcoholfree and currently applies for a trip for two to
Mionetto's vineyard outside of Venice ...         CLIP/IG

Jan 13   Haircut & More   Antonio Axu Salon    CLIP/IG

Jan 07   Saturday  Fun with the family   CLIP/IG


Happy  New  Year  !

Marie & Fredric   "Let's make 2023 amazing"   photo/IG
Holidays   Snowmobiling in  Sälen, Sweden   3 pics/IG




Lets Go 2023 Happy New Year!


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