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NEWS  part 2


MAîSE  Cosmetics

Marie has founded her own brand !
                                                                        3 pics/IG

MAÎSE Cosmetics  was founded by Marie Serneholt
and grew out of her passion for radiant beauty.

Marie has always been interested in make-up and
skin care and has long considered starting a brand
with trend-leading, high-quality and affordable
beauty products that focus on glow.
In the
range you will find setting sprays and powders
that are all 100% vegan and give a WOW factor
to both everyday and parties.
Choose between
setting spray, bronzer and highlighter !
MAÎSE is produced in some of the world's top beauty
factories and all ingredients are carefully selected for the
best results.
Everything for an amazing glow !

Mar 08   Ad  Sparkling Wine  Mionetto  + pizza !  CLIP/IG
Feb 27  Vårruset   Marie is once again the conference host          
               for Sweden's most beautiful race for girls   
Feb 24   Ad  Marie tested  Santa Maria's  five 5 new snacks !

Feb 22   Semmel Day  In the confectionery ...   photo/IG       
  Sparkling Wine  Mionetto Prosecco   CLIP/IG
Feb 21          Vårruset   Fun run for girls/women    CLIP/IG
Participate by walking, jogging or running 2.5 or 5 km   register
Feb 20   Ad  Fashion  Marie's Spring Collection is out !                   
                  Meet Marie @ Gekås Ullared  >> 16.03. !!   8 pics/IG

Feb 18   Ad  Sparkling Wine  Mionetto Prosecco   CLIP/IG
Feb 16   OUTDOOR   Cold bath with danish touch !   CLIP/IG

Marie can be really proud of her 4 min. in the freezing water !
Feb 15   Fashion  Red & Black   CLIP + pic/IG

Feb 14   Philip & Nicholas  Table for two   CLIP/IG

Feb 07   QX Gala 2023  Marie on the red carpet  web   2 pics/IG

Feb 05   Sunday Funday  Alpakas and more ...   CLIP/IG


International  Twinday

Nicholas & Philip with her proud mother Marie  . . .



  Ambassador  For  Mionetto

Ad    Marie is still an ambassador for  Mionetto 0,0 %
alcoholfree and currently applies for a trip for two to
Mionetto's vineyard outside of Venice ...         CLIP/IG

Jan 13   Haircut & More   Antonio Axu Salon    CLIP/IG

Jan 07   Saturday  Fun with the family   CLIP/IG


Happy  New  Year  !

Marie & Fredric   "Let's make 2023 amazing"   photo/IG
Holidays   Snowmobiling in  Sälen, Sweden   3 pics/IG




Lets Go 2023 Happy New Year!


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