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2015/Dec/31                        Surf  &  Turf
NYE dinner with friends    photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Dec/29                       Intention  2016

Sara's 1st intention for the new year 2016 is to
take her stretching to the next level    photo/IG


2015/Dec/27             Pole  Doubles

Amazing double @ the pole ...    CLIP/IG
Practice & fun:  yesterday  +  tomorrow


2015/Dec/25                                            2016

Sara is ready for a new year + it's challenges !
" Only a week left til 2016 ! "     photo/IG 


2015/Dec/24        Merry  Christmas !

... from Sara's dogs Lily & Freja   photo/IG



2015/Dec/23                               Practice

X-mas break and holidays in Sara's studio,
but look what's going on there:  photo/IG


2015/Dec/22                                    Sun  &  Fun

@ Sara's home, but no snow !    @ IG:  photo  CLIP
Later intensive training in the studio ...  photo/IG


2015/Dec/18                             Happy  Friday
from the  FLOW Stockholm  instructors    CLIP/IG
Image captured from video                                         


2015/Dec/16                        Some  Spins
on the pole @ FLOW Stockholm     CLIPS/IG
"Round round turn around, turn around round"


2015/Dec/15                                Christmas  Party

Yesterday  Sara performed  @ FLOW Linköping   clip/IG
Long version on Sara's portfolio @  vimeo  ... or  HERE


2015/Nov/29          Back  In  Stockholm

Sara was part of the organisation that hosted
the  Swedish Nationals in Poledance  our Sara
has won last year.


2015/Nov/27              Triangle  Bikini

Sara in her new bikini on the dream beach
of Prickly Pear / BVI      photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Nov/25                              Sara  In  Paradise
Sara's view from her balcony on  Saba Rock   photo/IG
to  Prickly Pear Island  across ...       image  (Digital Globe)
where Sara has enjoyed one of her favorite beaches in
the world yesterday ...  PARADISE !   photo/IG  (below)



2015/Nov/23                          Saba  Rock

Little  Saba Rock  island resort is part of the
British Virgin Islands, near a part of the wild
East of Virgin Gorda ...
photos/IG:  01  02


2015/Nov/20        Stunning !

Sun, beach and water  .....  what
more do you need ?     photo/IG


2015/Nov/19      Vacation  Mode
Sara alone on the beach ...   photo/IG



2015/Nov/16                                                  Vacation
Sara's vacation on  Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands)
starts tomorrow.  So Happy Holidays Sara !   photo/IG

Congratulations !     Sara got the "level 2" certificate in
IPSF Judges Pole Sport Training:  "Looking forward to
 judging more next year" she writes on her  Instagram


2015/Nov/14                            Super  Selfie

Back in Stockholm after two days in Linköping.
Only four days left till vacation.



2015/Nov/07              Pole  Theatre  Sweden  2015
                                       ~  website  facebook  instagram  ~

Tell your story                                                                             
Poledance competition @ cLub  Ambassadeur
in Stockholm - arranged by  FLOW Polefitness
          PHOTOS  @ facebook  +  Instagram:  01  02   STAFF

Nov/12     VIDEOS  of all performences now online !          


2015/Oct/30                                     Mamma  Mia  !
FLOW  Two "hard planks" got a new challenge to bite:
poledancing workouts instructed by Sara !    photo/IG

Sara's event tip for Stockholm 2016:
"Mama Mia !  The Party"    photos/IG

ABBA Dinner Entertainment  website


2015/Oct/27                     Birthmas  Gift

Look what Sara has got to her birthday and
christmas together:   photo/IG   google/maps



Flowers graphics


Sara  turns  31  today  !

Flowers graphics

free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at
free glitter text and family website at

Congratulations   > >   Instagram



2015/Oct/23                 Friday  Pole

It's Friday, ... and it's Sara at the pole !
CLIP  and  photo  on Sara's Instagram


2015/Oct/07                                  Combo  L 5

Check out Sara's combo from level 5 ...   clip/IG

- image taken from video -


2015/Oct/05        SM  i  Pole  2015

Swedish  Championchips  in  Pole  2015
Sunday, Nov 29  @  the fitnessfestival in Stockholm
Running Order:  video  YT  fb    tickets  fb


2015/Oct/03                       Lily  &  Freja

News from Sara's dogs   photo/IG   clip/IG
and a  Happy Saturday  from Sara   clip/IG


Svenska  Poleförbundet

Congratulations !         Sara is now board member
of the Swedish Pole Association ...     
whose job is (a.o.) to establish a positive image of
Pole dance & fitness, Sport pole, pole gymnastics,
training & competition form in Sweden
.  IG  web  IG

Svenska Poleförbundet  also organize the annual
Swedish Championchips in Pole  which take place
this year on 
Nov/29  in Stockholm.     website   IG


2015/Sept/27              Bon  Appetit  !

Instagram  photos  by  Isabella  Ostojic  -
polefitness instructor @ FLOW Linköping

                                     Sept/02   Sept/26


2015/Sept/18                              Sara  Smile

Chillin' on the pole ...   CLIP/IG   >>   Music/YT


2015/Sept/13       Sunday  Wake-Up

DOG TV   EP 1   Sara wakes up !   photo/IG
10 important things a dog lover want   wishlist


2015/Sept/05                           ATLETERNA

Competition series @ SVT 1  Saturdays, 20:00
This week's big challenge for the athletes was

Pole Dance with "A-Teens-Sara"  in her studio
in Stockholm.    IG                                              
Atleterna  3/8   VIDEO  -  scroll to 23:08 min.


Image captured from video


2015/Sept/01                               FLOW Linköping

Linköping's newspaper visited Sara in the new studio
and published an article with photo in today's issue !
   Check out the  article  on page 28-29/56


2015/Aug/29                     Spinning  II

A whole combo in color, enjoy !   CLIP/IG

2015/Aug/28         Spinning  Around

Sara on the pole in Linköping ...   CLIP/IG
Aug/16 - below   Instructor Day   photo/IG


2015/Aug/24                Three  Years

A couple since 3 years:    Sara & Chris
Congratulations !           photo/IG


2015/Aug/22            Friend's  Wedding
Today was the wedding of Sara's friend Elin.
You remember the hen party on May 30th ?
Jun/30   Friends / Crayfish party   photo/IG

Aug/21       Simple  but  pretty  !     photo/IG


2015/Aug/18                 Back  On  The  Pole

Everyday life has begun again  -  latest  photo/IG


2015/Aug/16                            Instructor  Day

Super fun day  in Stockholm and Gröna Lund  with
all the instructors ended with a little street pole on
the ferry and the street ...       photo/IG    CLIP/IG


2015/Aug/12             Yesterday's  Opening

Pics & clips from the studio inauguration in Linköping
plus an article in the local press ...   english

Sara showed something at the pole - clip  01  02
Instagram  photos by some visitors:   01  02  03


silvester-0041.gif von

       Inauguration  !

     Official Studio opening
        in Linköping today !

    FLOW Linköping  fb  IG

After a long workday yesterday ...    photo/IG


2015/Aug/08        Best  Friends

A walk with the dogs ...     photo/IG


2015/Aug/04                         Vacation  Ended

Thanks Marstrand !   Until next time ...    photo/IG
The new  FLOW shop  is online now !       facebook


2015/July/17            Happy  Holidays !

Sara is now back in Marstrand ...   photo/IG
and of course,  she has taken Lily and Freja
with her - they'll love to explore the island !

Departure Stockholm yesterday:  photo/IG


2015/July/12                                       2  &  1/2

Freja and Lily waiting to get a half ...    photo/IG
Only a few days left, then back to ....    photo/IG


2015/July/07           Some  Days  Off

Sara spend some free days with her dogs
Freja and Lily at home ...             photo/IG


2015/July/05                         SMCS  -  Marstrand

Sara and Lily left the Stena Match Cup and Marstrand
for now, but they come back in two weeks   photo/IG



2015/July/03                                           SMCS  2015

Stena Match Cup Sweden 2015 - in Marstrand
As every year, Sara works at the courtesy desk (service point)
to help the spectators and visitors of the sailing regatta  and
all it's races and events ...             website    photo/FB   photo/IG


2015/June/27                                       Superior  OCR

Sara had to cancel her participation in the obstacle race
today, because she has to stay at home and taking care
of her younger dog Freja after an OP ...            photo/IG

What happend to Freja ??                                           
Well, we do not have any further infos right now, but it
looks like Freja has broken a leg some days ago.  That's
why Sara brought her to the vet on tuesday.   photo/IG
But after a successful
OP ...   photo/IG                              
has been released
from the surgery and is back at
home again ... where Sara takes care of her now 24/7 !

So get well soon Freja ...                      
and t
hat you're soon back on all fours !


2015/June/16                 Stockholm  Country

Sara's dogs Lily and Freja keeping an eye out from
the terrace of Sara's new home in Sältsjö-Boo and
feel well out in the country ...      photo/IG


2015/June/12               Choreo  of  the Week

Sara on her facebook: "Choreography of the week.
We have awesome students in Linköping !   This is
our opening level which means that those who go it
have been practicing pole dancing before !"


2015/June/11           Summer !

Lily and Freja  outsite in the Open
Sara let the dogs out ...  photo/IG

See Freja 8 weeks ago:  photo/IG


2015/June/08                                                Ellbowstand

Like Sara says:  "New week = new challenges !"   photo/IG

FLOW shop                                                                                
(system update, back soon)    @flowsthlmshop   #flowsthlmshop




EPSAC 2015

Actionshot  from the
European Pole Show Art
in Zagreb / Croatia

(May/23 - check below)

Photos / IG      VIDEO
01 (left)  02      VIDEO

Photos / Sara
01  02  03  04
05  06  07  08

Gallery / fb
EPSAC 2015


2015/June/06                               Always  Busy  !

Sara on her instagram today:                                       
After three classes yesterday with talented students
at FLOW LKPG I'm back in Stockholm for a full day of
hen tomorrow at  FLOW STHLM
  ...  and also had the
time for two private lessons today too."


2015/May/30                                      Hen  Party

Sara on the hen party of her friend Elin - disguised
as Anni-Frid from ABBA
       pics/IG:  01  02  03  04


2015/May/28                       FLOW  Linköping

East Gotlands first poledance studio is ready now,
and Sara is instructing her first classes today !
Congratulations to  FLOW Linköping !
Little history in pics:  01  02  03  04  05  06  07  08

Visit  FLOW LKPG  on  Instagram  and  facebook



European  Pole  Show  Art

Sara took part at the  EPSAC  helt today in Zagreb/Croatia
and was sixth in the category  Woman Adult .   website   fb


2015/May/14                       FLOW  Specials

Social Media Contest     FLOW nyheter   news   fb
- June/30   1st prize:  1000 kr cash + a free course !

FLOW Summercamp     FLOW nyheter   news   fb
Aug/07-09    Train 3 days and try on diff. exercises !


2015/May/13                    FLOW  Studio

Tonight Sara teaches her students they will
 show soon their first choreo ...      photo/IG


2015/May/12               Fitnessgalan  2015

A little snippet of Sara's performence:   CLIP/IG


2015/May/10                      Superior  OCR

Sara  and her news shoes won the teaser of
the  Superior OCR
- the largest obstacle race
2015 will take place next month !    photo/IG


2015/May/08-10                        Fitnessgalan  2015

Sara  and  Ida  presenting  FLOW  polefitness & dance
@ the  Fitness & Health EXPO  in Stockholm      photo/IG

FLOW Polefitness   NEWS          


2015/May/04                     Fitnessgalan  2015

F I T N E S S    &    H E A L T H    E X P O
May 8-10   Stockholm/Globe Arena   web  fb  YT

Visit  Sara  and the  FLOW  team on Europe's most
exclusive fitness event !    More infos:    FLOW @ fb


2015/Apr/27            Lily  &  Freja

Sara's  dogs  enjoy playing in nature
and jumps into the water ...  CLIP/IG


2015/Apr/26                                      Interview

Busy sunday for Sara today:   photo/IG

And 4 days ago Sara talked in the radio program
Erik tar rygg på  ...  an interview podcast with
athletes and celebrities,  talking about exercises,
diets and the things that excist between heaven
and earth ...    
  podcast   FB    (or search on iTunes)

tbt   A*TEENS    photo/IG


2015/Apr/21                                     Sara  in  Oslo

Sara spent the weekend in Oslo, participated in the
judging panel for the Pole Sport Championships and
enjoyed some worshops and rose wine ...


2015/Apr/18                             Oslo  -  Lillestrøm

Norwegian Pole Sport Championships

LIVESTREAM  video           Poleranking/YT

Because we haven't found Sara on one of the lists of
participants we think she's there to watch the show
and may take part at one of the workshops today or
tomorrow they are held around the event ... (?)

More infos @   poleranking @ FB

2015/Apr/18                                             Photo  Shoot

Image from a photo shoot Sara did this week   photo/IG
And  "Exciting news coming soon"  she just has posted !


2015/Apr/16                                    Oslo, April/18

April 18-19      This weekend Sara will visit the
Norwegian Pole Sport Championships  in Oslo

Read what Sara has planned tomorrow ...   photo/IG
and check out a cute pic of her dog  Freja   photo/IG

Sara  spinnin' around  -  new   CLIP @ IG


2015/Apr/15                       Zagreb, May/23

Sara take part at the                                              
European  Pole  Show  Art  Championchip 2015
in Zagreb, Croatia - May 23   website        info/IG


2015/Apr/07                                   Backspin

Sara shows a  One Armed Backspin   CLIP/IG


2015/Apr/04                        Static  Combo

Happy Easter  once again !  Sara celebrates
with a static combo you can watch on her  IG


2015/Apr/03          Happy  Easter !

Sara wishes  Happy Easter !
and Freja meets the rest of the family.
Photos/IG:   01  02


2015/Mar/28                                          Video  Interview

Sara, Amit and Dhani visited Marie yesterday at  Let's  Dance
where the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet took the chance
to ask the 4 ex-colleagues if  something exciting is coming ?
video + photos


2015/Mar/27                                 Let's  Dance

Sara visited the TV show  Let's  Dance  with Amit
and Dhani tonight to support  Marie !    photo/IG

2 more things Sara has posted in the past days,
about a surprising visit in her backyard     clip/IG
and a
  "Good Morning"  from Freja !     photo/IG



Monday  Morning  Cuddles

After the meeting yesterday (below) and
a spinny sunday in the studio,    CLIP/IG
Sara  started the new week with cuddles
and her dogs Lily and Freja ...    photo/IG


2015/Mar/22                               A*TEENS  2015.1

YES !   3/4  just met again !  Dhani  posted the  photo
below on Instagram, writes:  "Talking about the year
1999 and how that year
changed our lifes quiet a bit."

Only  Amit  was missing ... because he won an award
and wasn't in town. But he was connected with them
via  "FaceTime"  Marie  just wrote on her Instagram,
to an other photo  Sara  has up on her Instagram


2015/Mar/21               Workshops

Sara  lead some workshops in Örebro
and is now back at home.   photos/IG


2015/Mar/19                      Lily  &  Freja

Sara's  Welshcockerspaniels  @ IG:   01  02

2015/Mar/14                       First  Video

with the new family member ...    CLIP/IG

2015/Mar/13                   Double  Trouble

Family expansion !   Say  Hi  to  ?   photo/IG


2015/Mar/10              Spincombo

Check out the new clip on Sara's  IG
and a funny exercise from yesterday
together with Anki and Amanda   IG


2015/Mar/05                            Music  for  the  Pole

Watch Sara dancing to an awesome song:   CLIP/IG
Listen  Molly Sandén's  "Phoenix" @  spotify  and  youtube

Another  CLIP  from yesterday ... and a photo showing
Lily, exploring the area and new neighbourhood in
Saltsjö-Boo, where Sara is just moved to.  photo/IG


2015/Mar/02                           Night  Choreo

Sara's  Sunday Night Choreography:   CLIP/IG


2015/Feb/27           New  Choreo

Sara  works on a new choreography,
check it out on her IG,  clips:   01  02

Some little useful things needed:  pic


2015/Feb/23                                  Elbowstand

Perfect elbowstand by Sara Lumholdt   photo/IG


2015/Feb/21                                     Saturday

with a freshly showered and tired ...   photo/IG


2015/Feb/17                                                  FLOW  LKPG

Third  FLOW  studio will open soon in Linköping !    pic/IG
Plaza Kvinna  has an article about  Pole Fitness   photo/IG


2015/Feb/13                                         Club  Rose

Sara performed on club Rose's 5th birthday party !
Photos:   Sara/IG      Sara-1   Sara-2    gallery/


2015/Feb/11                                          L N  Choreo

Last night choreography for Sara's students, level 2 .
"This is just the beginning !"  says Sara and promises
more uploads next week
We are excited !    CLIP/IG


2015/Feb/09                                        New  Week

New week, new challenges !                                  Photo/IG


2015/Feb/05                           Today's  Combo

The best of today:  Sara's nimble combo:  CLIP/IG


2015/Feb/02                                         COCOON

Cocoon figure:  Sara reached her toe !   photo/IG



 2015/Feb/01                      GLADIATORERNA  VIDEOS
 GLADIATORERNA  Special                 1 h  6 min  watch
 Here are the 4 celebrities they'll fight man vs man
 and woman vs woman ... and against gladiators !
 1.  Sara Lumholdt in recoil against Valkyria  watch
 2.  Anna Lindberg vs Sara Lumholdt climbing wall  watch
 3.  Sara's coach Anki (Flow) in gatloppet (traffic)  watch
 4.  Sara Lumholdt in the pendulums  watch
 5.  The final between Sara and Anna  watch
  Photo/IG                                           video credit to  GURRA G
  Congratulations to the happy winner Sara & Anki  



Sara  Lumholdt
  G L A D I A T O R E R N A

Here famous personalities meet the  GLADIATORS  of the arena !
The celebrities have a coach beside who will help them.
In any part of the contest the coach can compete in the
place of the famous person - but just for one branch !

About  Gladiatorerna:    16 gladiators, stronger than ever, do
everything in their power to stop the 32 challengers from taking
points with them to the final battle which is the obstacle course.

20:00-21:30  @  TV4 play      program page:   TV4   english    fb

PIC/IG  Sara and coach Anki are ready for the show !  GOOD LUCK !


2015/Jan/30                         !  Tomorrow  !

Watch Sara fighting  ...  in the celebrity special
of Gladiatorerna ! 
20:00 CET, TV4 

2015/Jan/29             Go  Team  FLOW !

Instagram:   CLIP/today,  photo/yesterday


2015/Jan/27                            Gladiatorerna  Special

Sara Lumholdt  vs  Anna Lindberg      photos:  TV4   IG   IG
                                                                   XXL             TRAILER


2015/Jan/26                                       Pure  Acrobatics

Fun last night:  acro pose with Anki & Amanda:   photo/IG


2015/Jan/24                        Gladiatorerna  Special

Jan/31  TV4                        Battle of the Celebrities !
Before this year's season of "Gladiators" starts in March,
TV4 shows a special with Sara and other Swedish celebs
next Saturday, 20:00-21:30    TV4  english   TV4 play   fb
The show was recorded last year in Sundsvall:   article


2015/Jan/23                                 Contortion

Sara just did her very first  Contortion Scorpio
figure on the pole !  Bravo Sara !!       photo/IG

Cute photo from yesterday:   Lily Snowdog II


2015/Jan/21                              Stronger  &  Flexy

Sara wants to get stronger and more flexible this year,
do you think that's possible ??                  clips/IG:  01  02




Handstand  Challenge

Two more videos:

exercise  10  (picture)
    exercise  04  (last week)



Handstand  Challenge

Check out
three new videos
Sara's  instagram:

exercice  1, 2,  v 3  + 5
exercise  9 + 6  videos


2015/Jan/12                             Lily  loves  the  Snow

Sara's Welsh Springer Spaniel Lily in the snow:   photo/IG


2015/Jan/08                                                  Handstand

Sara's handstand challenge       photos/IG:   day 7   day 8


2015/Jan/04                               Polefitness  2015.1

Training and fun with Anki and Amanda:   photo/IG   S/IG


2015/Jan/03                                               Back  @  Home

Sara is now back from Sydney, so welcome back !   photo/IG


2015/Jan/01                                  2015  It's  Showtime !

That sounds cool !  Please read the complete little chronology
and the thank you's to the team on FLOW's 
facebook page !

FLOW                                   FLOW


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